Zephyrion manifested in the time before creation at the behest of Fate and Amul'Sharar alongside the other gods, and yet some part of him had existed even in the void of nonexistence before then. The empty Universe itself had possessed an irrepressible propensity for change, and Zephyrion claims to have been born as that primal entropy incarnate. Because of this technicality of having existed forever (albeit not in a sentient state), he has claimed to be eldest of all the gods in direct contest to Logos. He has also used this claim to legitimize his self-bestowed title of Supreme Being.

Zephyrion is the creator and master of the djinn, which act as extensions of Change's will and as forces of nature. Djinn of all types consider Zephyrion to be their progenitor and often bear a resemblence to him in temperament, opinion, and even appearance. It was Zephyrion's hand that shaped most of the nascent planet Galbar, and through these djinn he continues to do so.

Zephyrion is notable for altering some of Teknall's original elements on the Codex of Creation and thus creating most of the reactive gases. In addition, he added such fundamental forces as entropy and change itself, without which things as basic as motion might have been impossible. Though this primal force of Change written into the Codex acts autonomously and universally, it is still malleable to Zephyrion's control, the most notable instance of him leveraging this power being when he manipulated the forces of the Universe to create the djinn.


Zephyrion is notable as being constituted of pure energy, and as such he is the only god that cannot assume a true physical form. His presence is far from intangible, though; the energy of Change that constitutes his body has an effect on physical matter just like any other form of energy would. This lends his default appearance to be that of a writhing vortex of wind, though Zephyrion often manipulates the shape and size of this vortex as appropriate. To more easily express emotion or communicate with others, he often creates cackling orbs of writhing lightning that act as eyes and create a visage within the vortex of his body, and his mastery over air allows him to speak verbally (should he so choose to do so rather than use telepathy) through fine manipulation of the vibrations through matter.

When interacting directly with mortals, Zephyrion has been known to manipulate the sky so as to create a great face in the clouds that can look down onto those that have garnered his attention. When trying to avoid detection or cause minimal damage to the environment, Zephyrion can suppress his energetic aura to the point that he can appear as a (still incorporeal) being of harmless mist. When the opposite is true and Zephyrion wants to get attention or shape the land, he can just as easily transform into a storm of cataclysmic proportions.

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