Vulamera is the Goddess of the Mind, Intelligence and Perception. By far, Vulamera was the most intelligent of all the gods, always seeking greater knowledge and understanding of the Universe. She held herself superior to the rest of the pantheon in this regard, often referring to other gods as 'child gods'. However, she was always haunted by the knowledge that there was more that she did not know, and ultimately this contributed to her untimely demise.

Vulamera played a fairly active role during the writing of the Codex of Creation, acting as its editor. However, after the Shattering Disunity, she became rather reclusive, and never actually interacted with mortals. She created the moons of Galbar, and sired Lifprasil and Keriss, but otherwise spent most of her time studying on her moons.


Before the creation of the Universe, Vulamera was involved in the writing of the Codex of Creation, primarily as its editor. After the Shattering Disunity, the Codex of Creation was put into Vulamera's care, a decision which Vowzra resented.

At Galbar, before the creation of life, Vulamera created Galbar's original eight moons, and gifted them to several gods for political gain. Vulamera then spent most of the rest of her life on the moon Cogitare.

At one point, out of curiosity, Vulamera accepted an invitation by Vestec to explore his mind. A tortured landscape holding the four entities which composed Vestec, Corruption, Despair, Emotion and Violence, was discovered. At this time, only Corruption was free. Vulamera inadvertently freed Violence and a brief battle ensued. Vulamera was ejected from Vestec's mind and found herself in the Firewind Desert, wounded. Vestec helped Vulamera to recover, creating the Insidie and Lifprasil in the process. Zephyrion saw these events as an intrusion upon his domain, and a furious encounter ensued.

Vulamera gifted Lifprasil with the Crown of Fealty, which was made using a tiny piece torn from a page of the Codex of Creation.

Of all the pantheon, Vulamera had the closest relationship with Vakarlon. Vakarlon was able to express a level of maturity that Vulamera hadn't seen in the other gods. Vulamera also provided Vakarlon with invaluable assistance regarding his internal psychic battle with Serandor, a ghost of his past. Together Vulamera and Vakarlon created Keriss, to be someone to battle against the forces of chaos.

In her ongoing quest for further knowledge, Vulamera studied the Codex of Creation, particularly the enigmatic pages added by the Primordials . This study of forbidden knowledge drove Vulamera mad. In the depths of her maddness, she was approached by Vowzra. In punishment for defacing the Codex of Creation, back when she created the Crown of Fealty for Lifprasil, Vulamera's soul was absorbed into the Codex of Creation, repairing the seal and effectively killing her.