Vowzra is the god of Time. He first appeared in the original Divinus (Mk.Pilot) and made a second appearance in Divinus I (Mk.I). He made a return for Divinus II (Mk.II), making him one of three characters - along with Vestec and Astarte - who have existed in every iteration of Divinus to date.

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Vowzra is an old god, though he does not remember anything but snippets of his previous incarnations.

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His earliest solid memories are of a dream-like state he was in prior to Amul'Sharar's summons.[1] How long that state lasted and where it was - or whether it was even real - is unknown. He was the first of the gods to materialise before Fate and Amul'Sharar, though other gods have their own claims to being the first to have come into existence.

As the Codex of Creation was created, Vowzra did not partake in the battle that raged between his siblings - he saw it all as 'insignificant' and 'stupid'.[2] When the Codex was given to Vulamera, Vowzra was infuriated - for the Codex was meant to be his. And though Fate itself attempted to intervene to right this wrong, Vowzra - in an anomalous move - went against Fate's will.

The Eyes of Time pierced the cloud of the Mind, the one within whom the Codex would find rest. That was not as it should have been. It was not the right of the Mind to host the Codex of Creation; she had transgressed greatly. She had taken what was rightfully the responsibility of Time.
'We have ordained that Time safeguard the Co-'
'No,' the Vicegerent of Fate interrupted Fate's words to him, 'I shall allow her the weighty burden. I shall allow her to explore it, her endless curiousity to delve into it, and I shall watch her descend into rage and hopelessness as all meaning evades her, as her great mind fails to grasp it, comprehend it. Such is the punishment of those who transgress against Time. Should it be Fated that I have 'mercy' upon one so obscene, then I shall be merciful...'
Fate did not respond to this indignant tirade, nor did the Terrible Adjudicator deem it necessary to speak, and the Lord of Time watched the Timeline shift ever so slightly before him. All was well, all was as it was Fated to be. The Cloud of the Mind may have earned his ire, he may have had a feud to settle with her, but he was a patient god and was not one to become emotionally attached when business was at play. He was certain that if she knew - and she would not - she would understand. He would cooperate with her when the Time deemed it, he would combat her when it was Fated, and he would take his vengeance and what was rightfully his when he Saw fit. Fear me not, Cloud of the Mind, but know that Time responds in kind. For whatever a soul does sow, that it must also reap, the river of Time does flow, and you must surely weep.[3]
When the Codex was taken from Vulamera so that Fate and Amul'Sharar may add their parts, Vowzra took the opportunity to add his own.[4] For a long time, Vowzra's contribution to the Codex was a mystery even to his fellow gods - like Teknall, who had been one of its chief architects.[5] After extensive investigation, Teknall learned from Jvan that Vowzra had altered the Gap, fertilising it with hostile creatures for no apparent purpose, and had also caused Julkolfyr's destructive Orbs of Darkness to act as portals to the Gap, stimulating growth there.[6] Teknall was able to ascertain the truth of these additions through his own experiments.[7]

The Immediate Aftermath of the Universe's Creation Edit

Almost immediately after Slough's creation of the Deepwoods, and before any other living creature had been created, Vowzra created ants.[8] The very first ant to emerge was taken by Vowzra.[9] Soon thereafter, Vowzra and Logos have a strange conversation in a surreal location where Vowzra tells Logos that he would not be siding with him or against him, and that his aim is to ensure they all "win".[10]

Vowzra's Moment Edit

A bored Vestec, of the opinion that he needs to spread chaos and ruination, decides to send the moon, Lex, hurtling towards Galbar. For good measure, he causes another moon, Perfectus, to collide with Lex - sundering it into little pieces which form a ring system around Galbar - and Perfectus takes Lex's place in hurtling towards the planet.[11] Vowzra emerges, pausing time for the slightest moment, and open a rift in the world, a portal leading right into the Gap. From it emerges a single purple tentacle, accompanied by harrowing screeching and incessant clicking - but before whatever horror exists in the Gap can emerge, Perfectus seals it and is sucked within. The portal closes after it.[12] The other gods react with relative apathy following this intervention, other than Vestec who is momentarily disappointed.[13]

The Creation of the Vicegerent and Chronos, the Coming of TOBIA, and anti-Jvanic Acts Edit

Following the Moment, Vowzra causes a a small bone to emerge from the earth, deep within the Deepwoods, which, over a period of one hundred years, grows into an empty turtle shell. From this shell emerges the ant that Vowzra had whisked away. It emerges that it had been deposited inside the Gap for a time, and had now been returned anew.[14]

Following this, Vowzra observed Galbar for a time and was deeply angered by what Jvan was filling Galbar with. With a desire to check her rapid growth, he instils within all living things a deep dislike and aversion for all things Jvanic - and this is particularly apparent in ants.[15]

Sometimes, those whom one loved and worked tirelessly for perceived his actions – all for their sake – as an injury and attack against them. With Time, they would come to See, and he would be most forgiving when they finally did.[16]
Naturally, Jvan did not see Vowzra's acts as in any way being spurred by "love" or a desire after her well-being.
"Vowzra, Viceregent of the Void, do not mock me with riddles. You have made no attempt to hide the core of your intent, so if you hate, then hate me openly, and mark me well: I am not a god negligent to my purpose. I am here to promote beauty. Harmony of order and chaos written in body. Creation.

"And yet, is this world to be faced with enemies? Are there those who neglect harmonious contrast to sow disparity and collapse? Your actions are no longer justified by the whispers of circumstantial glory you have built in passing. Your nature has instigated destruction that I must resist. ..."[17]
Following this, Vowzra departed and created Chronos and the Cube.

In obedience to her master's command, TOBIA travels the world in her mission to destroy all things Jvanic. On her way, she crosses the Ironheart mountains and destroys the Jvanic Instrument that is trapping Basheer. By no direct command of Vowzra, but simply following her natural instinct, she eventually reaches Jvan and attacks her. Infuriated by this, Jvan sends the ant hurtling towards Arcon with a warning never to return unless she has repented.[18]

Vowzra, Belruarc, and Belvast Edit

Belruarc, forgotten for aeons, is approached by Vowzra. She appears to have been waiting for him and it becomes apparent that, though they had no interaction up to that point, there is something far deeper between them. They descend to earth and, in an odd turn of events, temporarily become human.[19] It transpires that Belruarc has been impregnated, and she gives birth to a demigod whom she names Belvast. Belvast ventures out into the world, Vowzra returns to his godly form, and Belruarc remains - apparently trapped - in her dormant, human form. Her eyes haunt him as he departs.

Vowzra, Ilunabar, and the Bard Edit

Ilunabar, who had gifted Vowzra with the Cherry Tree, is visited by Vowzra in her personal plane, Raka.[20] He has been receiving visions of a being that must come into existence, and it is Ilunabar who would aid him bring it forth. The process is nowhere near as intimate as with Belruarc, and is far more of a business transaction than anything else.[21] The Bard is born and Vowzra takes him to Chronos.With the Bard there, Vowzra at last completes Chronos by creating Chao and Aeth, permitting the Crimson Cherry Tree to grow, creating the Sparkling Pool, the Sertzamen-Vremae, the Chronos Silk-Spider, and the Guardian of the Gate as well as the Gate.[22] Outside Chronos, he creates Old Bark-Skin, Garabil, the Solitary Mount, and the Treeminds.[23]

TOBIA on Arcon Edit

Landing on Arcon, TOBIA is chased by the Realta, who attempt to destroy her. Chasing her into a cave, all looks lost for the ant until Vowzra emerges. In return for allowing TOBIA to stay, Vowzra creates the Waters of Nyneve for Logos - a pool which, it would appear, is connected to the Sparkling Pool.[24] It is unknown whether the Waters have the same properties as the Pool, or whether they simply serve as a portal and a manner by which one can see into the potential future. In his final words to Logos before leaving, speaking of his ongoing war with Jvan, Vowzra appears to foretell his death at her hands.

'I may well lose,' Vowzra stated simply, 'and I may not. It is for the safety of all, the True Timeline, that I struggle and fight, it shall suffice that I did struggle, breathe and die that all may flourish and delight,'[25]

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Vowzra is a disdainful being. He will not meddle with things which are of no consequence in the greater scheme of things. Why should he feed a starving child when the child is fated to die anyway? No, if a child is to be fed then it must be because it has a great purpose to fulfill and therefore must survive. If a creation is to receive help, then it is because they are needed to keep the world on the 'correct' timeline. If a woman is to be aided, she or her descendants must be of importance for the world. That is how Vowzra sees the world, even his fellow deities. If a deity is fated to be destroyed or killed, then they are of no interest to Vowzra. If a deity will knock this world off the correct path, it must be dealt with. If a deity is of importance to this world, it must be befriended and aided when aid is needed.

Vowzra likes it when things go as planned, he likes organisation and the setting of rigid rules which must not be broken. After all, time must not be interfered with by foolish ones who seek disorder and chaos. No, he likes order, he likes discipline. Of course, his perception of what is order and chaos are very different from others. He views things from the greater scheme of things. It does not mean he does not like chaos happening, he just does not like it when chaos happens without it being Fated to, or when chaos does not occur when it is meant to. 

In the same way, he does not like it when there is order when order is not meant to be, or when there is no order when it should be present, when somebody who should be dead is still alive or when somebody who should be alive is dead. Yes, he likes it when time goes as planned. He likes order in his plans, not the meddling of fools who know not what they do - and time is a very fragile thing, any bumbling foolish nitwit with a bit of power could derail it and lead the world into the great, terrible unknown.

Depending on the individual or people in question, the situation at hand, and what the timelines dictate, Vowzra can be kind and compassionate, or he can be utterly cruel and cold. If his plans call for him to be cruel, he will be savage, if he must be kind, he will be benevolent.

Vowzra is emotionally very stable, for he is aware of what will happen and is ever ready for it. Nothing ever catches him off guard. Of course, when time is not going as planned and things which should not be happening are happening, he can become very unstable, going into a furious cold rage and heaving chaos in untold ways - summoning creatures from beyond time, creatures that no deity or mortal should ever hope to witness. Of course, such a thing will require a great amount of power and might and, of course, concentration, lest even the god be sucked into the Hells of Time, a world so terrifying that deities who have been there have never come out alive, and those who did were never the same - other than Vowzra, that is.

While Vowzra is all-aware, his level of awareness is generally limited to the timeline he can see and a few variants of that timeline. This differentiates him from gods whose domains are more focused around knowledge of multiple futures and presents. His purpose is to ensure that the world does not slip from its destined timeline, or if it does, that the variations are very slight and lead to a dignified rather than devastating end. This means that he can at times become irrationally bent on preventing the world from slipping into a timeline unknown to him but perhaps known to others, even if he is assured that said timeline is far better for the world.

Vowzra is emotionally very distant, even from his fellow deities, and even more so from mortals and creations, not tying himself to a select few who choose to worship and honour him. In fact, he pays most mortals and most immortals (deities that is) very little attention at best, unless they interfere with his plans. After all, he has greater and more important work to be doing. He, the Governor of Creation, the Lord of Time. He cannot bother himself with a single time slot and a single creature or creatures. The Fate of the world rests in his hands and he must see to it that the world he dwells in goes down the correct path, a path which will not lead to destruction and doom, as was the Fate of the old gods and their world.

To achieve this, he will go to great lengths so as to make sure that the world stays fixated on the correct path, whether he must see to it that a vile and evil power rises and dominates or whether a great and noble one meets its end. This is the way of the world, the feelings and well-being of the few at a certain point and place in history cannot lead to the destruction of creation, he will make sure if it, even if the other deities grow to hate him, even if the mortals shun him and all his followers. He will do what must be done, he will not play around with simple, foolish, naive things like 'justice' and 'honour'. No, he will do what must be done, whether just or unjust, honourable or otherwise, for he knows the result, he knows what will happen, and he knows what will happen otherwise.

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Vowzra is rather distant and detached, or at least he appears so. He does very little directly and simply watches. While other gods certainly do not underestimate him - how can one underestimate a god with such a domain and portfolio? - but his general disdain and detachment make him easy to forget about or ignore when plotting and scheming. What is rather odd is that despite his general disdain and detachment, Vowzra can become extremely involved in the scheming and plotting of gods when he wishes. Such involvement appears rather random to some, but those who have greater vision and understanding can generally see that his involvement is to ensure the safety of the timeline - although at points it his actions make it very difficult to believe that. For a god of creation, his creation are a poor lot indeed. In creating them he is generally benevolent and generous, raining on them his pleasure and blessings. However, with time he can grow very distant and ignore the pleas and cries for his help. Perhaps he enjoys testing his worshippers to see who of them has the greatest faith, or maybe he is secretly just a consummate sadist. Generally, however, Vowzra's worshippers, when he is directly involved with them, can grow very powerful and prosperous, while the 'Chosen' (Heroes) among his creation enjoy great prestige and power - as a base, they have the unique ability to 'create' living creatures (an ability which becomes more powerful as they grow), as well as various time-based capabilities, which also become more powerful as they grow - but it comes at the cost of having their god give them bizarre tasks; abandon them, sometimes for apparently no reason, for terrific periods of time; or even allow them to be corrupted and used as the playthings of other gods.

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