This is the Mega-Summary of the Roleplay Divinus. Each summation is structured as follows:

Post # - Characters Featured - Content of the Post - Might/Freepoints/Khookies Expended
It is currently incomplete and is a constant Work in Progress.

Turn One Edit

Page 1 Edit

1 - Fate & Amul'Sharar, Vowzra - Old World is destroyed. New World is made, formless. Gods are summoned. Vowzra apppears. - No Might spent

2 - Logos - Through suffering, Logos brings forth the Laws from the Old World. - Logos: -4 Might for the Universe.

3 - Niciel - Niciel appears. - No Might spent

4 - Zephyrion - Zephyrion appears. - No Might spent

5 - Daegon - Daegon appears. - No Might spent

6 - Vakarlon - Vakarlon appears. - Vakarlon: -4 Might for the Universe.

7 - Vestec - Vestec is formed from the fusion of four weaker souls. - Vestec: -3 Might to Level up to 2, -1 Might for the Universe.

8 - Slough - Slough appears, and immediately dies and is reincarnated as an egg. - Slough: -3 Might to Level up to 2, -1 Might for the Universe.

9 - Teknall - Teknall appears. Teknall creates the Universal Blueprint. Logos's laws are transcribed. The elements adamantine, mithral and orichalcum are added. - Teknall: -4 Might for the Universe.

10 - Kyre - Kyre appears - No Might spent

11 - Julkolfyr - Julkolfyr appears - No Might spent

12 - Jvan - Jvan appears - No Might spent

13 - Reathos - Reathos and the Primordial Pool appears - No Might spent?

14 - Ilunabar - Ilunabar appears - No Might spent

15 - Astarte - Astarte appears - No Might spent

16 - Ull'Yang - Ull'Yang appears - No Might spent

17 - Toun - Toun appears. Conditions for life are fostered in the Blueprints. Slough's egg is retreived. Slough is implored to persevere. - Toun: -4 Might for the Universe.

18 - Teknall - Slough is challenged to make life wondrous. - No Might spent

19 - Vestec - Vestec imparts some corruption to Slough, imbuing her with Wilderness. Random things are drawn on the Blueprint, and some notes erased. - No Might spent

20 - Vulamera - Vulamera appears. Vulamera edits the Blueprint to be cohesive. - No Might spent

Page 2 Edit

21 - Niciel - Niciel berates Vestec. Slough is imparted with sympathy - No Might spent

22 - Ull'Yang - Slough is offered vigilance. Ull'Yang feeds Slough his arm. - No Might spent

23 - Mammon - Mammon appears. Occult is added to the Blueprint. - No Might spent?

24 - Vakarlon - Slough is offered choice and enjoyment. Vakarlon adds his ways to the Blueprint. - No Might spent

25 - Vulamera - Vulamera seeks favour with Kyre and Ull'Yang - Vulamera: -1 Freepoint to organise the Blueprint

26 - Ilunabar - Ilunbar turns a scrap of the Blueprint into the Dreamweaver, and invents dreams. Slough is offered a song. - Ilunabar: -3 Might to Level up to 2, -1 Might for the Universe.

27 - nill

28 - Julkolfyr - Slough is given ambiguity. Emptiness, and uncertainty at the fundamental level is added to the Blueprint. - No Might spent

29 - Teknall - Teknall berates Vestec. Ull'Yang is built a replacement arm. - No Might spent

30 - Zephyrion - The elemental gases are rewritten. The primal force of Change is imbued into the Blueprint. - Zephyrion: -3 Might to Level up to 2, -1 Might for the Universe

31 - Niciel - Purity is added to the Blueprint - Niciel: -3 Might to Level up to 2

32 - Astarte - Wild magic is added to the Blueprint - No Might spent

33 - Slough - Slough reinforces herself against further influences. The Blueprint is made perfectly palatable for life of all kinds - No Might spent

34 - Belruarc - Belruarc appears. Lawful magic is added to the Blueprint - No Might spent

35 - Jvan - The Other is written into the Gaps in the Blueprint - Jvan: -3 Might to Level up to 2, -1 Might for the Universe

36 - Logos - Logos arrives, and forces back Jvan, Vestec and Zephyrion from the Blueprint

37 - Teknall - Pressured by Logos, Teknall puts bounds on Vestec's meddling and ensures the Other is unable to exit the Gap unaided. - No Might spent

38 - Toun - Toun attacks Jvan. A crack in Toun's previously flawless face forms, giving him an eye. - No Might spent

39 - Vestec - Vestec mocks Logos. Chaos fire is shot at the Blueprint. Vestec reaches out to Corrupt the Blueprint. - No Might spent

Page 3 Edit

40 - Teknall - Teknall shields the Blueprint from the chaos flames - No Might spent

41 - Niciel - Niciel blasts everyone away from the Blueprints using holy light - Niciel: -1 Might for shockwave

42 - Ull'Yang - Niciel's shockwave breaks Ull'Yang's new arm. Stellar evolution is rewritten. The Blueprint is unified. - Ull'Yang: -1 Might for the Universe

43 - Julkolfyr - Julkolfyr mocks Logos and Niciel. Orbs of Darkness are added to the Blueprint. - Julkolfyr: -3 Might to Level up to 2, -1 Might for the Universe

44 - Jvan - Fragments of Toun's perfection are embedded into Jvan from Toun's attack. Jvan protects Slough's egg. - Jvan: -1 Freepoint to reinforce Slough's egg.

45 - Ilunabar - Ilunabar spectates, then goes to Jvan's aid. - No Might spent

46 - Kyre - Kyre stops Vestec from corrupting the Blueprint. The Blueprint is reinforced. Kyre protects Slough. - Kyre: -1 Might for the Universe

47 - Zephyrion - A fight between Zephyrion and Logos is narrowly averted. Zephyrion goes elsewhere. - No Might spent

48 - Vulamera - Sentient life is added to the Blueprint. Vulamera takes a physical form and encases the Blueprint. - Vulamera: -3 Might for the Universe.

49 - Mammon - Mammon talks - No Might spent

50 - Fate & Amul'Sharar - The Blueprint becomes the Codex of Creation. The Shattering Disunity occurs, creating the Universe. Scene changes to the planet Galbar. - All gods spend their remaining Might for the Universe and Level up to 2.

Turn Two Edit

Page 3 continued Edit

51 - Turn 2

52 - Ull'Yang - Ull'Yang becomes the Primordial Star. - No Might spent

53 - Vestec - Vulamera is invited to observe Vestec's mind at a later date. The Shattered Plains are created (sometimes called the Changing Plains). - Vestec: -4 Might to Level up to 3

54 - Vakarlon - Polar ice caps and caves within them are created. Vakarlon visits Vulamera regarding memories from a past Universe. - Vakarlon: -1 Might to create the ice caps, -4 Might to Level up to 3

55 - Jvan - Jvan embeds herself into Galbar as a flesh-mountain. The Fractal Sea is created, with simple life. - Jvan: -1 Might to create the Fractal Sea, -4 Might to Level up to 3, -1 Freepoint to create simple sea life.

56 - Slough - Slough makes planetfall. Slough hatches into a rotting deer. The Deepwood and all life within it is created. - Slough: -1 Might to create the Deepwood and its life, -4 Might to level up to 3, -1 Freepoint to create dirt

57 - Zephyrion - Galbar receives an oxygen-rich atmosphere. Zephyrion fails to destroy a distant rocky planet. Zephyrion collides with Galbar, sending materials into orbit and creating amplified seasons. - Zephyrion: -1 Freepoint to create seasons

58 - Niciel - The Valley of Peace is created, surrounded by the Nice Mountains. The Valley's aura suppresses violence - Niciel: -4 Might for a Holy Site (the Valley of Peace).

59 - Astarte - Astarte attempts to startle Slough into the Shattered Plains. - Astarte: -1 Freepoint to be stealthy

Page 4 Edit

60 - Logos - Before the Shattering Disunity, Logos creates his blade Singularity, although is prevented from attacking Vestec. At Galbar, Logos promises Teknall, Toun, Kyre and Vulamera a boon. - Logos: -1 Freepoint to create Singularity

61 - Teknall - Before the Shattering Disunity, Teknall is struck by Niciel's shockwave. Teknall descends to Galbar. - No Might spent

62 - Zephyrion and Teknall - Zephyrion and Teknall build the Celestial Citadel. - Teknall: -5 Might for a Holy Site (the Celestial Citadel). Zephyrion: -5 Might for a Holy Site (the Celestial Citadel).

63 - Reathos - The First Wraith Stone is built in the caves under Galbar, to harvest the souls of all the dead. Reathos creates an Avatar and binds it to the Wraith Stone to guard it. - Reathos: -4 Might for a Holy Site (the First Wraith Stone), -1 Might for his first Avatar.

64 - Ilunabar - Ilunabar visits the Celestial Citadel - No Might spent

65 - Vulamera - The moon Unitas is created. The moon Unitas is split into eight smaller moons, Lex, Cogitare, Vigilate and Scitis (aka the Eyes of the Scribe), Auricolor, Perfectus, Periditus, Mirus. Lex is gifted to Logos. Cogitare, Vigilate and Scitis are claimed by Vulamera. Auricolor is gifted to Teknall. Periditus is gifted to Kyre. Perfectus is gifted to Toun. Mirus is gifted to Jvan. - Vulamera: -2 Might to create the moons.

66 - Vowzra - Before the Shattering Disunity, Vowzra is annoyed that Vulamera has taken the Codex, but allows her to keep it, to her self-destruction. Vowzra adds to the Codex secret things. On Galbar, ants are created. The first ant is taken by Vowzra. - Vowzra: -4 Might to Level up to 3, -1 Freepoint to make ants?

67 - Julkolfyr - The Darkened Spires are created on Galbar. Julkolfyr evolves insects to live in the Darkened Spires. Julkolfyr creates his Plane of Darkness. A shrine is made within the Plane of Darkness, including statues of all the gods. - Julkolfyr: Unspecified. Apparently -4 Might and -1 Freepoint

68 - Slough - Several new species appear in the Deepwood. Slough teleports away from Astarte. Astarte is attacked by a wild nectar blush. The statue of Slough in Julkolfyr's shrine crumbles. - No Might spent

69 - Toun - Toun feels sad because he failed to make the Codex perfect. Toun settles down in the Valley of Peace. - No Might spent

70 - Teknall - Teknall forges an adamantine maul from metal on Auricolor. Teknall creates the mineral-rich Ironheart Ranges - Teknall: -2 Freepoint to create the Ironheart Ranges.

71 - Vakarlon - Vakarlon complains of terrible, painful, fiery memories to Vulamera. - No Might spent

72 - Ull'Yang - Ull'Yang is a star a long way from Galbar. Ull'Yang creates his Avatar, who goes to hibernate in the Deepwood. - No Might spent? (Should have spent 1)

73 - Jvan - Jvan is immobile. Jvan creates many eyes which fly around Galbar so she can see. One lands in the Celestial Citadel and another in the Valley of Peace. Strange deep-sea life is created around Jvan. Jvan communicates with Slough and Vulamera via fleshy messanger angels. - No Might spent

74 - Toun - Two billion white giants are created and distributed across Galbar to protect it form non-Slough or Tounic life. - Toun: -1 Might to create the white giants, -4 Might to Level up to 3.

75 - Belruarc - Belruarc simply watches Galbar from orbit. - No Might spent

76 - Zephyrion - Zephyrion invites Ilunabar and Jvan to direct him in carving out something in Galbar. - Zephyrion: -1 Freepoint to carve things in Galbar.

77 - Ilunabar - Magical crystals are used to give Ilunabar a report on the gods' creations and a geological survey of Galbar. Ilunabar suggests that Zephyrion build giant musical instruments. - Ilunabar: -2 Freepoints to survey Galbar.

78 - Niciel - The Orb of Escry and the Orb of Holy are created. Wisps are created. - Niciel: -1 Might to create the Orbs.

79 - Astarte - Astarte blows up the attacking nectar blush. Astarte isolates some vials of Liquid Light, her magical energy, and sends them to Zephyrion, Vestec and Teknall. - Astarte: -4 Might to Level up to 3.

Page 5 Edit

80 - Vowzra, Logos - Logos flies far away, and meets Vowzra. Logos and Vowzra chat. Subtle narrated reference to Vowzra's Codex contribution being to the Gap. - No Might spent

81 - Slough - A flower grows near Ull'Yang's Avatar. At Jvan's request, Slough departs the Deepwood and treks to the Fractal Sea. A scrubland with life in it is created (including Brush Beasts), bordering a desert. - No Might spent

82 - Vestec - Vestec punches Lex towards Galbar. Vestec kicks Perfectus towards Lex. Lex is destroyed, Perfectus is sent towards Galbar. The two rings of Galbar are created. - Vestec: -1 Might to punch a moon.

83 - Jvan - Jvan decides Vulamera must be forced to change. The Jvanic Eye in the Valley of Peace is crushed by a White Giant. Jvan adds bodies of water to the designs for Zephyrion. - No Might spent

84 - Vowzra - Perfectus is swallowed by a Gap portal, saving Galbar. - Vowzra: -1 Might to make a Gap portal

Turn Three Edit

Page 5 continued Edit

85 - Turn 3

86 - Teknall - Many trees cover all of Galbar, a blessing for future civilisations. - Teknall: -4 Might to Level up to 3, -2 Might to populate Galbar with trees.

87 - Zephyrion - Ilunabar is granted a home in the Celestial Citadel. The Sparkling Sea is created, with the Firewind Desert, the Mahd, and the foundations for a jungle. - Zephyrion: -4 Might to Level up to 3.

88 - Niciel - Holy Trees are created within and around the Nice Mountains. - Niciel: -4 Might to Level up to 3, -1 Might to create Holy Trees.

89 - Kyre - Kyre observes. - No Might spent

90 - Vestec - Ashlings are created. 13 Wisps are corrupted. - Vestec: -1 Might to create Ashlings

91 - Ull'Yang - Ull'Yang enters his fourth stellar cycle. Mount Borhmanven is discovered. - Ull'Yang: -3 Might to induce 3 supernovae.

92 - Mammon - The submaterium is discovered, the plane of occult magic and links. The well labyrinth is created. Mammon makes a personal plane within the submaterium. - Mammon: -1 Might to create the well labyrinth, -9 Might to Level up to 4.

93 - Slough - Slough is pursued by an Ashling. Slough recalls a proud soul, forming Custodian Esau, who defeats the Ashling. The scrubland made earlier becomes the Gilt Savannah. - Slough: -1 Might to recall a proud soul, -1 Might to make the Gilt Savannah.

94 - Logos - Logos finds distant Arcon. Logos makes a moon and a minature sun to orbit Arcon. The Citadel is created. Logos slowly begins terraforming Arcon. - Logos: -1 Freepoint to make a sun, -1 Freepoint to make a moon, -10 Might to create a Holy Site (The Citadel).

95 - Ilunabar - The game of checkers is created. Raka, The Realm of Dreams, was created. Ilunabar finds a thorn plant made by Slough, and causes it to bloom into roses. A white rose is taken, and made into Meimu, the Diva of Flowers. - Ilunabar: -1 Might to create Raka, -1 Might to create an Avatar (Meimu), -1 Freepoint to make roses bloom.

96 - Teknall - Teknall kills some Ashlings, with a new throwing hammer. Teknall visits Ull'Yang's Avatar atop Mount Borhmanven. - No Might spent

97 - Niciel - The Chaos Wisps are purified back into Holy Wisps. The Orb of Holy innoculates the Wisps against future corruption. A Wisp finds Slough. A Wisp finds the Celestial Citadel. - No Might spent

98 - Zephyrion - Zephyrion manipulates the rules of the Universe to create Flickers. Air elementals appear. Vizier Ventus is created, the first djinni lord. - Zephyrion: -1 Might to create Flickers, -1 Might to create Vizier Ventus (a hero?).

99 - Toun - Toun has a Jvanic nightmare. The hain are created. He deems the hain imperfect. Five tribes' worth are mentally subjugated. The remaining hain are teleported across Galbar. Toun settles his slave hain in some empty land. - Toun: -1 Might to subjugate some hain, -2 Freepoints to teleport hain.

Page 6 Edit

100 - Reathos - Heraktati are created, apex predators targets the old and sick. Reathos talks with Ilunabar. - Reathos: -1 Freepoint to create Heraktati

101 - Jvan - It is discovered that Vowzra, in the Codex, had hybridised the Gap with the Hells of Time, adding malicious intent to the originally ambivalent Other. Jvan declares herself as gatekeeper of the Gap. Fiberlings are created. The Optic Fiberlings are created, through which Jvan can see and speak. Mauve travels to Teknall and Ull'Yang's Avatar on Mount Borhmanven, Jvan asking them to look at the Hain. Violet goes to the Firewind Desert and observes White Giants. Navy goes to the Deepwood. Cyan slays an Ashling and infected hain tribe by the Shimmering Sea. Lime sacrifices itself to gain entry into Mammon's submaterium, where Jvan sends a nonsensical message to Mammon. Maize follows Slough. Amber travels through the Changing Plains then the Valley of Peace, and observes hain. Scarlet observes Heraktati in the Gilt Savannah. - Jvan: -1 Might to create the Fiberlings.

102 - Ilunabar - Ilunabar and Miemu chat with Reathos. Ilunabar takes her leave as Reathos' presence gives her nightmares. - No Might spent.

103 - Mammon - A hain called Cherry-Eater has his life saved by Mammon in exchange for sacrificing his whole clan. Cherry-Eater is made Mammon's Hero. Mammon answer's Jvan's message. - Mammon: -4 Freepoints to make a Hero (in debt by 1 Freepoint)

104 - Slough - The Drenched Flowerbed is created. A vast soul is recalled in the depths of the Fractal Sea. Slough heads to the Firewind Desert. - Slough: -1 Might to create the Drenched Flowerbed, -1 Might to recall a vast soul.

105 - Vakarlon, Vulamera - By request, Vulamera inspects Vakarlon's mind and memories. It is discovered that, in a past world, Vakarlon became a god by consuming Serandor, the dark and fiery God of Destruction, who still roams in Vakarlon's mind. Vulamera is told by vision to seek pure knowledge above all else. They both faint. - Vulamera: -1 Might to unlock memories. Vakarlon: No Might spent.

106 - Reathos - The Eenal Tree is created. 2% of crows are cursed to become the Lesser Eyes of Reathos, which can see True Names, and who will witness almost every death. - Reathos: -4 Might to Level up to 3, -1 Might to curse crows with the Lesser Eyes of Reathos, -1 Freepoint to make the Eenal Tree.

107 - Vowzra - Ants now exist all across Galbar. Mammoth Ants exist in the Deepwood. A giant turtle shell appears in the Deepwood. The One By Immortals Altered, the first ant whisked away by Vowra to spend its time in the Gap, emerges. - Vowzra: -1 Might to create the Shell, -1 Might to create a Hero (The One By Immortals Altered (aka TOBIA))

108 - Jvan - The hain have developed trypophobia and chaetophobia to counter the Fiberlings. Scarlet finds the vast soul made by Slough in hibernation. Heartworm, Jvan's Avatar, is created. Heartworm fuses a Djinn, a crow bearing the Lesser Eye of Reathos, and Gap energy, to form a screeching, immobile creature in the Ironheart Ranges. The First Sculptor is made from a hain, beginning the Cult of Jvan. - Jvan: -1 Might to create an Avatar (Heartworm), -1 Might to start the Cult of Jvan.

109 - Zephyrion, Ventus, Slough - Ventus is sent to Slough to convince her to bring life to the Firewind Desert. After gaining Slough's and Esau's trust, the Firewind Resort is created. - Slough: -1 Might to make the Firewind Resort.

110 - Ull'Yang, Teknall - Teknall meets Ull'Yang's Avatar, Yang'Ze, on Mount Borhmanven. Teknall helps Yang'Ze forge a magical quarterstaff for Yang'Ze. Teknall receives Jvan's message, and decides to attend to the hain soon. Teknall travels to Ull'Yang's true location. Ull'Yang creates a red dwarf in Teknall's formless personal plane. The star inadequate payment, Ull'Yang still owes Teknall a favour. - Teknall: -1 Freepoint to forge the staff. Ull'Yang: -1 Might to empower the staff.

111 - Ilunabar - Inside Raka, Arpeggio is created, which sorts all the dreams into seven categories of ascending order. Dreams are temporarily halted during construction. - Ilunabar: -8 Might to create a Holy Site (Arpeggio)

112 - Teknall - The Urtelem are created, rock creatures which attack violent lifeforms like the Ashlings. - Teknall: -1 Might to create Urtelem

Turn Four Edit

Page 6 continued Edit

113 - Turn 4

114 - Vowzra - Vowzra is angered by Jvan's creations. Natural creatures, especially hain and ants, are instilled with an aversion from and aggression towards Jvan's creatures, especially Sculptors and Fiberlings. TOBIA sets out to destroy Jvan's creatures. Vowzra creates a personal plane, wtih a floating island, where time flows 1000 Galbarian years internally for every one day on Galbar. In this plane, The Divine Annalist, Hexahedron Historicus Creato (aka The Cube) is created. - Vowzra: -1 Freepoint to instill dislike for all things Jvanic, -1 Might to create a personal plane, -9 Might to create a Holy Site (The Cube).

115 - Logos, Elysium - 20,000 Realta are created to guard Arcon. Elysium, a Realta of flesh and bone, is made, and claimed as Logos' daughter. Together, Elysium and Logos guide the evolution of life on Arcon. Humans are created. Humans are gifted with fire and form communities. It is realised that Logos has long-term plans for humanity in the Immortal Game. - Logos: -5 Might to Level up to 3, -2 Might to guide evolution of all life on Arcon, -1 Might to create the Realta, -1 Might to create a Hero (Elysium), -1 Might to create Humans, -1 Freepoint to give Humans fire, -1 Freepoint to give Humans community.

116 - Niciel - Niciel soothes the hain which remain in the Valley of Peace, who form a tribe. Angels are create. - Niciel: -1 Might to create Angels, -3 Might to claim a Portfolio (Holy).

117 - Slough - Slough rises up and moves on. A proud soul is accidentally recalled from the Deepwood, influenced by the essences of the Gods who had visited the Deepwood, manifesting from the colourful patch of roses. The proud soul manifests as a man, Allure. He slaughters three stripe-faced aphids for being ugly and moves on. - Slough: -5 Might to Level up, -1 Might to create a Hero (Allure).

118 - Jvan - Maize follows Slough. Jvan offers Ventus a reward if he leads Slough downstream, contrary to Zephyrion's orders to head upstream. Navy is attacked by TOBIA, and on fleeing passes by Allure. Cyan, who had been protecting a hain village for centuries, is driven out by the hain. Heartworm had been secretly observing, and also leaves. - No Might spent

119 - NPC hain - "Slough and the Hunters". A story of Slough, her guardian Esau and some hain hunters is told by hain. The story has little point, as Slough acts like a mysterious wild animal. - No Might spent

Page 7 Edit

120 - Allure - Allure sees a leopard and likes it. Allure destroys Navy. Allure severs the legs of TOBIA, then leaves. - No Khookies spent

121 - Teknall - Teknall incarnates as a mortal hain, Stone Chipper. Stone Chipper wanders between hain villages, teaching them the fundamentals of crafting, including stone and flint working, rawhide making, carpentry, rope-making, as well as archery and Urtelem taming. Gerrik becomes the apprentice of Stone Chipper. - Teknall: -5 Might to Level up to 4.

122 - Vestec, Vulamera - "Of the Mind and Chaos, Part 1". Vulamera accepts Vestec's offer to visit his mind. They go to Vulamera's empty personal plane. In Vestec's mind, Vulamera finds Corruption, Discord, Emotion and Violence, the four gods which constitute Vestec. Meanwhile, the Rovaik are created. Violence breaks his chains and attacks Vulamera. Vulamera is injured and escapes Vestec's mind, both of them landing in the Firewind Desert. Vestec balances the chaos in Vulamera's wound, creating the Empire race. Vulamera is pregnant, and attempts to abort the child. - Vestec: -1 Might to create the Rovaick, -3 Might to claim a Portfolio (Violence), -0.5 Might to create the Empire race. Vulamera: -4 Might to Level up to 3, -1 Might to create Sanctum of Memories, -0.5 Might to create the Empire race.

123 - Ilunabar - Ilunabar detects human dreams. Meimu uses the Ring of Blooming to create flowers; opium Poppies for Niciel, Hogweed for Toun, flying Lily Pads for Zephyrion, Sunflowers for Ull'Yang, Snowbelle for Vakarlon, flytraps for Reathos, Thornapple for Mammon, green Forget-Me-Not for Belruarc, Guarana for Vulamera, weedy roses for Vestec, glow-in-the-dark Morning Glory, Thistle for Kyre, Earthsoul for Teknall, Cherry Tree for Vowzra, and later Fuchsia for Logos on Arcon. The Ring of Blooming is destroyed. The Aurora is created, linked to dreams. Notte is created. Ilunabar experiments with Beyond Colours. Via the portal Mirrory Link, humans are smuggled from Arcon to Galbar. The first things the humans see on Galbar is Meimu and Notte squabbling. Notte plants an illustration of Elysium in the path of Allure. Notte talks to Jvan about humans. - Ilunabar: -4 Might to Level up to 3, -1 Might to create flowers via the Ring of Blooming, -1 Might to create the Aurora, -2 Might to create a second Avatar (Notte), -1 Might to create a portal (Mirrory)

124 - Ull'Yang - Yang'Ze is sent to the Deepwood and hibernates there, with a quarter of Ull'Yang's consciousness. Ull'Yang creates a body for his true form. A comet is sent past Galbar. The plane of Cygnea, currently empty, is created. - Ull'Yang: -9 Might to Level up twice to 4, -1 Freepoint to create the comet, -1 Might to create a demiplane (Cygnea).

125 - Astarte - Deepwood wildlife has an aversion to Astartean essence. The Rock is created in the Deepwood, a powerful source of Astartean magic affecting life within 100 metres. Astarte seeks out Zephyrion for tests subjects for the Rock. - Astarte: -4 Might to create a Holy Site (the Rock)

126 - Niciel - Angels settle the Valley of Peace, and discover their powers. Loth (blue hair male) and Falas (yellow hair female) are made Heroes, the Guardians of the Angels, by Niciel. Niciel goes to the Firewind Desert. - Niciel: -2 Might to create two Heroes (Loth and Falas)

127 - Vulamera, Vestec, Zephyrion, Lifprasil, Niciel - "Of the Mind and Chaos, Part 2: The Birth of a God." Vulamera's child, Lifprasil, glimpses the Codex of Creation and is born safely. Vulamera gives Lifprasil her blessing and approval. Zephyrion is infuriated that Vulamera has tainted his desert, and they struggle. Vulamera forces her memories into Zephyrion, so that he understands, but is still angry. Niciel arrives and diffuses the situation. Lifprasil accepts Zephyrion's offer to live with him as a student. Vestec gifts Lifprasil a sword whip. Niciel gifts Lifprasil with a suit of armour. Vulamera gives the sword and armour mild sentience. Vulamera gifts Lifprasil with the Crown of Fealty. The Empire race is named the Lifprasilians and Insidie. Everyone leaves the Firewind Desert. - Vulamera: -1 Might to force memories into Zephyrion, -0.5 Might to imbue the armour with sentience, -1 Might to create the Crown of Fealty. Vestec: -0.5 Might and -2 Freepoints to create the sword. Niciel: -3 Freepoints to create the armour.

128 - Allure, Ilunabar - Allure slaughters and levels a village of hain, after learning of Slough's existence. Allure finds the painting of Elysium, but falls in love with Notte instead. Notte has mixed feelings, and they part ways. Meimu observes this. Allure heads towards the Firewind Desert. - No Might spent

129 - Reathos - Reathos discovers the dead souls of humans on Arcon, and finds Elysium and Logos in their oldest memories. Using an adapted White Giant siphon, the Pronobii are created in the southern tundra, as Reathos' countermeasure against sentient life, containing Lesser Eyes of Reathos. Reathos guides the Pronobii's development by possessing Nimueh, who accidentally becomes a Hero. Cryomancy, weapon and defence crafting, community and fight culture are given to the Pronobii, and they are told of their purpose. - Reathos: -1 Might to reverse engineer the White Giant siphons, -1 Might to create the Pronobii, -1 Might to grant the Pronobii Lesser Eyes of Reathos, -1 Might to create a Hero (Nimueh), -1 Might to teach the Pronobii cryomancy, -1 Freepoint to teach the Pronobii weapon making, -1 Freepoint to teach the Pronobii defence making, -1 Freepoint to teach the Pronobii community, -1 Freepoint to teach the Pronobii the fight culture.

130 - Zephyrion, Ventus, Slough - Ventus refuses Jvan's request. Slough attempts to leave the Firewind Desert. Ventus pushes Slough to stay, and the Mahd River Valley is created. Slough is followed by a friendly Crocody Doggle. At the source of the Mahd, Slough accidentally creates the Venomweald Writhe from a stillborn vast soul, which in turn creates the toxic Venomweald Jungle. Slough is comatose. Ventus whisks the party away to the mouth of the Mahd by the Fractal Sea. - Slough: -1 Might to create the Mahd River Valley, -3 Freepoints to stillbirth a vast soul (the Venomweald Writhe) (Slough is now in negative Might). Ventus: -5 Khookies to Level up twice to 3.

131 - Vestec - Vestec steals and corrupts members of various races, including Angels, Pronobii, Djinni, hain, Sculptors, Urtelem, Rovaick and Insidie, which forms his hordes of Chaos, based in the Changing Plains. Some villages are consumed by gladiatorial combat as part of Vestec's selection process. Tular the hain and Bez the Rovaick are named. Grot is created. - Vestec: -5 Might to Level up to 4, -1 Might to create a Hero (Grot)

132 - Mammon, Cherry Eater - The fleet-footed mangler which had hunted Cherry Eater earlier is captured by Mammon. The Goathead Magi are formed, a corruption of Jvan's Sculptors, who are adept in the Occult and have a twisted drive for experimentation. Cherry Eater finds a village slaughtered and experimented on by one Goathead Magus. Cherry Eater drinks some potion and follows the Magus. - Mammon: -1 Might to create the Goathead Magi.

133 - Jvan - The First Sculptor finds Urtelem, and Jvan likes them. Jvan is wary of Allure. Jvan grants Notte the Textile Garden, and chats. Violet is scarred by continuous battles with ashlings in the Shattered Plains, resisting Jvan's directions to investigate the Firewind. Violet is struck by a stray lightning bolt from Zephyrion, severing its connection with Jvan but leaving it alive. The Needle Fae are created, to protect Sculptors. A hain village south of the Sparkling Sea (identified as the village where Cyan used to live) is blown up to spread Needle Fae and the Beautification of the Flesh. The hain are instilled with the Beautification of the Flesh, an adolescent body-art ritual which reduced the effects of their aversion to Jvanic beings. Amber's instincts are dulled by the time spent in the Valley of Peace. Amber seaks out Teknall. - Jvan: -1 Might to create the Needle Fae, -1 Freepoint to create the Textile Grove

134 - Ilunabar - Lifprasil is given an encyclopedia of Galbar. The beyond-colour of Vowzest is introduced, the colour of the Present. Notte chats with Jvan. - Ilunabar: -1 Freepoint to create the encyclopedia.

135 - NPC humans - Slough is the focus of shamanistic rituals by humans. - No Might spent

136 - NPC Furls - "The Genetic Saga of the Furls". Over a long time, Furls evolve into other beings. Kompsoid (Furlid Elegans) are noted to be surviving and thriving, out west of the Deepwood.

137 - Teknall - Gerrik observes the food web of the Gilt Savannah - No Might spent

138 - Ventus, Allure, Slough - Allure finds Slough and seeks to destroy her. Ventus defends Slough. Allure and Ventus battle, Ventus being wounded and Allure being blown to a small island in the Fractal Sea. Allure performs brain surgery on himself. - Allure: -11 Khookies to Level up 3 times to Level 4

139 - Toun - Toun creates the Cornerstone east of the Ironheart Ranges and west of the Deepwood, his new base of operations. Land surrounding the Cornerstone is converted violently into the Metatic Ocean (aka the White Ocean). The slave hain are granted kaolokinesis (porcelain shaping powers), and establish homes within the Cornerstone. The Cornerstone will also impart kaolokinesis upon any mortals who stay there, and subjugate them to Toun, and also sustain their bodies. - Toun: -8 Might to create a Holy Site (the Cornerstone), -2 Might to grant the slave hain and future inhabitants of the Cornerstone kaolokinesis.

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140 - NPC elementals - The story of Char, a fire elemental who reigned king of the Venomweald for over 1000 years. Set in the distant future. The story contains moral lessons for young shamans. Firelord Char, Stonelord Cliff who became Slag, Duke Aquarius, Skylord Atmus and Stonelord Slate are introduced. Char destroys himself, Aquarius, Atmus , Slate and a large part of the Venomweald in a fiery explosion. Slag survives. - No Might spent

141 - TOBIA - TOBIA is left wounded by Allure's attack. TOBIA makes it to Astarte's Rock, touches it, is healed, and absorbs some strange energies. TOBIA goes on a journey through the Gilt Savannah, the Great Steppe (North of the Savannah, Changing Plains and Desert), the Firewind Desert, the Venomweald, the Valley of Peace, the icy forests of the north, the oceans, then finally to Jvan. On the way, TOBIA studies Ashlings and elementals, frees and befriends the wind djinni Basheer from the Jvanic wailing-crow-instrument, is admired by the hain in the Valley of Peace and discovers she can swim. TOBIA bites Jvan. - TOBIA: -2 Khookies to Level up to 2.

142 - Vestec - Using the bottle of Liquid Light from Astarte, Vestec unlocks magic in all sentient life on Galbar. Vestec steals some humans for his Horde of Chaos. Vestec chats with Atsarte. - No Might spent

143 - Jvan - Jvan suggests to Notte that she should sneak into Arcon occassionally. Jvan ensnares TOBIA, does deep mathematics to locate Arcon, then banishes TOBIA to Arcon along with a Jvanic Eye. The Eye is destroyed by Realta moments after arrival, but TOBIA makes it safely to the ground. Meanwhile on Galbar, Heartworm arrives at the aftermath of the battle between Ventus and Allure. Jvan has to forcibly take control of Heartworm to restrain it. Esau is healed of its wounds, although has a few extra eyes now. - Jvan: -5 Might to Level up to 4, -1 Might to mathematically locate Arcon, -1 Freepoint to send TOBIA and a Jvanic Eye to Arcon.

144 - Kyre - The Hilt, a giant rock sword made from Perditus rock and thrust into the land between the south-west White Ocean and the Ironheart Ranges, is created. Kyre confronts Vestec regarding his hordes, and says hello to Astarte. - Kyre: -10 Might to create a Holy Site (the Hilt), -4 Might to Level up to 3.

145 - Teknall - Stone Chipper enacts a miracle to drive off a Fiberling, and explains it by claiming to be a prophet of Teknall. Villages with nearby bioluminescent life (eg. Duster Oozes) begin to use bioluminescent lamps. - No Might spent.

146 - Teknall - Stone Chipper and Gerrik do some star gazing. It is deduced that the world is spherical. Gerrik infers a naive model of the cosmos. They see Ull'Yang's comet. - No Might spent

147 - Zephyrion, Ventus, Lifprasil, Allure - Lifprasil subdues 2000 Lifprasilians, who later become High Lifprasilians, and Zephyrion takes them all to the Celestial Citadel. Ventus tells of his fight with Allure, and Lifprasil flies off to find Allure. Lifprasil psychically goads Allure into accepting his challenge to duel. Lifprasil and Allure fight. Lifprasil wins on account of being better equiped. Allure surrenders, and joins Lifprasil. - No Might spent

148 - Niciel, Falas, Loth - Niciel grants Loth a flying White Giant, and a blessing which will heal him completely when struck by a single fatal blow. Loth announces to Falas that he is leaving the Valley of Peace to explore the world. Falas is tasked with becoming the leader of the Angels. Loth and Falas share long-range communication crystals. Loth departs. - Niciel: -1 Might to bless Loth, -1 Might to grant Loth the items.

149 - Ull'Yang - Cygnea is formed in Ull'Yang's personal plane, with four continents on a watery plane. Ull'Yang uses a string of Slough's essence, accidentally collect before creation, to seed Cygnea with life. A star is created which shines like a spotlight, creating day and night. Ull'Yang coils up to sleep in a small central island. - No Might used.

150 - Vowzra, Belruarc, Belvast - Set shortly after the fall of Perfectus, ~4000 years before the banishment of TOBIA. Vowzra meets Belruarc in orbit. They become physically and mentally united, and plummet to the north pole, semi-comatose, and awake to find themselves in weakened humanoid forms. They make a home in a cave with friendly bears. Belruarc gives birth to Belvast. Belvast discovers his portal powers and his Eye of the Portcullis, and befriends the bears. Belvast grows up, Vowzra returns to godhood, Belruarc is immortal but still human with lessened powers. Belvast departs, heading to the Valley of Peace, promising to return some day. Vowzra feels guilt and fear looking into Belruarc's eyes, for they are familiar. The bears are blessed with accellerated evolution. - No Might spent

151 - Teknall - Gerrik is able to teach hain independently. Teknall listens in on the hain legends. Teknall resolves to become the god of the hain. - No Might spent

152 - Ilunabar - Notte accepts Jvan's advice. Some hain history occurs, orchestrated by Ilunabar to slow the spread of Teknall's boring truths. The Fiberslayer clan, the village where Cyan used to live, is the focus, on the west coast of the Fractal sea, with the nearby villages of Hillisle, Birbeye and Longgrass. Norterau Fiberslayer, Perlsrik (son of Birbeye), Brukbrik and Longgrass are introduced. It is noted that music, dancing and storytelling are known to the hain. The claims of the Chippers, hain inspired by Stone Chipper, regarding the cosmos and Stone Chipper's encounter with a Fiberling, as well as them all receiving bad omens in dreams, drives the people of Fiberslayer, Birbeye and Longgrass to attack Chippers, many who took refuge in Hillisle. - No Might spent

153 - Ilunabar, Vowzra - Set shortly after Belvast's birth. Vowzra visits Ilunabar in Raka. Raka is modified such that dreams may occassionally bear predictions of the future. Together, Vowzra and Ilunabar make a lute, from which a demigod, the Bard, is born. Vowzra takes the Bard to his personal plane. - No Might spent.

154 - Elysium - In an encounter with a human while hunting, Elysium grants archery to humanity. - Elysium: -2 Khookies to give archer, -2 Khookies to Level up to 2

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155 - Turn 5

156 - Teknall, Jvan - Teknall discovers the Chippers, and secretly instructs them via dream to flee their persecution. Teknall and Amber meet. Teknall interrogates Jvan about the virus, and learns of the Beatuification of the Flesh. Jvan asks Teknall to teach the Urtelem sign-language, to improve Urtelem language and allow Urtelem-Sculptor communication. Teknall meets Heartworm, and together they upgrade Urtelem to speak in body language and have improved measuring and balancing abilities. Heartworm departs to perform the upgrade on all other Urtelem. - Teknall: -1 Freepoint to give Urtelem body language. Jvan: -1 Might to give Urtelem enhanced measurement and balance.

157 - Reathos - Through the First Incarnation of the Great Prophet Nimueh, Reathos further develops the Pronobii in preparation for the Great Purge, with fighting styles, advanced melee weapons and defenses, honour, basic dwellings, written language, monuments, religion and temple building. On discovering that Vestec had stolen some Pronobii, Reathos blesses the remaining Pronobii to be resistant to the influence of other gods. Pronobii can see, speak and read the True Glyphs of the True Names, and consider it a holy language. - Reathos: -1 Might to bless the Pronobii with resistance to divine influence, -9 Freepoints to give the Pronobii fighting styles, advanced melee weapons, advanced melee defenses, honour, dwellings, written language, monuments, religion, and temple building.

158 - Ilunabar - Ilunabar masters colours. She turns the second planet in the solar system burgundy. The following beyond colours are defined: Vowzest (colour of present, forgotten when not looked at), Vowzatto (reflects long past light), Vowzil (shows future potential to change with literally burning colours), Sirenian (colour of fascination, c.f. sirens), Tiblumsh (makes it appear more distant), Dashrid (makes it appear closer), Ogirri (causes all else to be forgotten while seen), Lecarol (colour found on the other side of mirrors), Clochelic (colour of wonder, induces curiosity), and Jakketerang (colour of the hunt, source is always visible once seen, regardless of barriers). An experiment with Jakketerang on some High Lifprasillians ends in a murder and a few suicides. Mortals are taught to call one planet 'Ilunabar's' and the fourth planet 'Zephyrion's'. Ilunabar grants mortals their own language, capable of evolution. Sculptors are exempt. - Ilunabar: -3 Might to claim a Portfolio (Colours), -1 Freepoint to make languages.

159 - Teknall - The village of Emberhille has been maintaining and using naturally caused fire. Gerrik is taught discretion by Stone Chipper. Gerrik invents the bow drill and uses it to invent fire. - Teknall: -1 Freepoint to teach the hain fire.

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160 - Vowzra, The Bard - Chronos is filled with life and stuff, notably Aeth the Greater Crow and Chao the Lesser Crow, the Crimson Cherry Tree, the Sparkling Pool, the Sertzamen-Vremae (the Crystals), and the Chronos Silk-Spider.  True Names are mentioned. In the North of Galbar, the towering Solitary Mount, the forest-tree Old Bark-Skin, and the jungle-tree Garabil are created. Treeminds, descendents of bears, live in Old Bark-Skin. The Whirlpool of Space and Time, leading to Chronos, and the Guardian of the Gate are created atop the Solitary Mount. - Vowzra: -1 Might to create the Crows, -1 Might to create the Cherry Tree, -1 Might to create the Sparkling Pool, -6 Might to create the crystals, -1 Might to create the Silk-Spiders, -1 Might to create the Solitary Mount, -1 Might to create a portal (the Whirlpool of Space and Time) and its guardian, -1 Might to create the forest and jungle, -1 Might to create the Treeminds. The Bard: -7 Might to Level up twice to Level 3.

161 - NPC Rovaick - The Rovaick's expansion is hindered by White Giants. Sularn, an Azibo, calls on Teknall, Vulamera and Toun to help the Rovaick. Gruik the goblin is introduced. - No Might spent

162 - Teknall - The Eenal Bow and Guardian Shield are created, and gifted to Gerrik. Stone Chipper reveals to Gerrik that he is the god Teknall. Gerrik is canonized as a Hero, and given the title Far-Teacher. Teknall leaves Gerrik, who is tasked with continuing the work of teaching the hain. - Teknall: -1 Might to create the Eenal Bow, -1 Might to create the Guardian Shield, -3 Might to adopt a Portfolio (Carpentry), -1 Might to make a Hero (Gerrik Far-Teacher).

163 - TOBIA, Logos, Vowzra - TOBIA learns she can fly. TOBIA is chased by Realta then caught by Logos, a cave being destroyed in the process. Vowzra arrives, appeals for TOBIA, and pleads for Logos' aid against Jvan. TOBIA is let free on Arcon. The Waters of Nyneve are created in the cave, 'all the yesterdays that could have been, and the tomorrows that could be', for Elysium. Logos warns Vowzra of the danger of fighting Jvan. Logos implies he will seek recompense for the stolen humans. - No Might spent?

164 - NPC Eskandars - Humans on Arcon. Eskandar born by Caesarean birth. Wedded to Zekra. Forced out of tribe. Receives a bow from Elysium, and proclaims himself Blessed of the Moon-Mother. Teaches archery. Settles down with numerous wives (in order: Zekra, Seri, Tse, Beru, Cala, Anja, Kae) and children (Mentioned are Bato, Elia, Meli, Sarin, Hezric, Gar, Zeri, Sheb, Caz, Palo, Orif, Derk, Reyk, Jarl, Wezar, Tora, Rana). Bato is firstborn son of Eskandar, becomes a man. The remnants of Eskandar's old tribe, driven out by TOBIA's landing and the destruction of their holy cave, infringe on Eskandar territory and are enslaved. Eskandar assures them their curse is gone as long as they obey him. Use of fire to burn and regenerate the land, systems of counting age, and camoflague are mentioned. - No Might spent

165 - Astarte, Kyre, Vestec - In spite of Kyre's pleas otherwise, Vestec releases four Hordes of Chaos from the Shattered Plains into the world. Grot carrying Rovaick and Urtelem would head to the Valley of Peace. Hain and Fallen Angels would slaughter their way to Cornerstone. Pronobii and Ashlings would hunt down the uncorrupted Pronobii. Strom Djinni would hunt down other Djinni. Astarte suggests a combat tournament instead, but Vestec wants to send his armies out first. At Astarte's request, the Order of Lakshmi is created. Kyre alerts the other gods. Vestec warns the gods not to simply smite his Hordes. Kyre investigates a Pronobii, learns of the Great Purge, and decides to permit the Pronobii to be attacked. Astarte asks Kyre to teach her combat sometime, and Kyre accepts her request for some point in the future. Kyre heads to the Celestial Citadel. - Vestec: -1 Might to create an Order (the Order of Laksmhi)

166 - NPC hain - A hain, Kortek, is undergoes his second hatching. The story is told from the perspective of his younger sister Boki. Sago, Retuk and Teknak are introduced. The second hatching is portrayed as a rite to adulthood and path to conquering fears. It is initially quite upsetting. The unsettling views are typically hidden within a separate tent. - No Might spent

167 - Zephyrion, Ventus, Lifprasil, Astarte - In the Citadel, Zephyrion teaches Lifprasil the 'correct' opinions of the other gods, which Lifprasil generally doesn't conform to, then combat training, then geography. Astarte visits, and Zephyrion, Lifprasil, Ventus, and Lakshmi (Lifprasil's favourite servant) go on a field trip. They pass the Horde of Chaos (before the march), and Zephyrion grabs a sample of the horde. They find Astarte's Rock and experiment on it. Most mortals blow up on contact. Lakshmi survives, gets a rock hand, and becomes a Hero. Ventus is pushed into the Rock, is empowered with Astartean Magic, and flies off. Everyone except Astarte and Zephyrion leave. Zephyrion mutates some Urtelem near the Venomweald into ogres. The first ogre touches the Rock, is empowered into a Hero, then destroys the Rock, killing some ogres, empowering others, and leaving the rest alone. Astartes receives one (rather hungry) ogre as compensation. In an altercation, Astarte burns off the orge's ear, it cries, and Zephyrion is angry at his 'flawed' creations and dumps them near the Venomweald. - Zephyrion: -1 Might to create ogres. Astarte: No Might spent, Holy Site (the Rock) destroyed. Astarte's Rock: -1 Might to make a Hero (Lakshmi), -1 Might to make a Hero (the first Ogre), -1 Might to Level up Ventus four times to Level 7, -1 Might to empower some ogres.

168 - Astarte, Lifprasil, Lakshmi - Astarte eats some flowers, and feeds them to Lakshmi. Astarte likes flowers, but they aren't that tasty. Lakshmi gifts Astarte a flower necklace. - No Might spent

169 - Reathos, Nimueh - The first settlement of the Pronobii is Reas'Thul, and contains the Arena-Temple of Nimueh. Reathos investigates humanity. Nimueh passes on, then reincarnates, and becomes the champion of the Pronobii. Nimueh leads an army against the first wave of the Chaos horde. - No Might spent

170 - Ilunabar - Piena, Diva of Aesthetic, is created to organise the other Divas. One night, the Aurora extended across all Galbar and people dream vividly. This is the Phantasmagoria. Jvan's garden is converted into Julia Island. A pass in the southern Ironhearts between the Shimmering Sea and the Metatic Ocean becomes The Pass and Shalanoir Forest. Marionettes are created. Komposoid Furls, in the Pass, are blessed by Piena to become Quara Korala. The sentient species of Galbar, especially humans (who tenaciously rebuilt after Toun catastrophically made the Metatic Ocean), are gifted many cultural and soceital components from Ilunabar, including eloquence. Following the Phantasmagoria: Susa the Huntress (a human) breaks her leg and is forced to settle down and teach trapping, leather making and other explorer things; the village of Fibeslay has a new leader who was once a bard and a cultural renaissance, greater tolerance, drama, art, painting and music; Old man Vascogne is a trader and survivor of the flood, and inspires his granddaughter Marel Vascogne to become a trader too; the hain Grinder discovers how to make bread, and uses the knowledge to bring an entire village under his control; Manog discovers wine, and Marel Vascogne begins trading it. - Ilunabar: -4 Might to create a third Avatar (Piena), -5 Might to Level up to 4, -1 Might to create Julia Island, -1 Might to create Shalanoir, -1 Might to create Marionettes, -1 Might to bless the Quara Korala, -7 Freepoints to teach Trade, Flour/Breadmaking, Pottery, Leather Drying/Tanning, Trapping, Herbalism and Eloquence, No points expended to teach Poisoning, Fruit Lore, Sewing, Binding & Weaving, Wood Carving, Winemaking, Bead making, and Petroglyphs/painting. Ilunabar is in negative Might.

171 - Falas, Niciel, Loth - Falas visits the outside world, makes friends with a hain caled Grandfather Alexen and receives some wisdom. Falas establishes good relations with the other Angels and promotes visiting the outside world. Niciel accepts Falas as leader of the Angels. Falas is blessed and becomes a Seraph, and is given a blessed suit of armour, lance and buckler. Falas trains the Angels. Loth warns Falas of the approaching Grot, and Falas prepares for war. - Niciel: -1 Might to Level up Falas 4 times to Level 5, -1 Might and -2 Freepoints to create the armour, lance and buckler.

172 - Jvan - Mauve falls into a cave in the Ironhearts and finds the Rovaick for Jvan. The Jvanic Eye in the Celestial Citadel observes the High Lifprasilians. Violet is tagging along with the hain and angel Horde. Violet had been imbued with part of an Insidie soul back in the Firewind Desert, and is developing sentience and is quite angsty. - No Might spent

173 - Lifprasil, Ilunabar - Lifprasil claims land near the Pass as his own. Lifprasil finds Ilunabar, Meimu, Piena and Notte in the Celestial Citadel. Lifprasil tells Notte that Allure is in the Celestial Citadel. Lifprasil tries wine. Ilunabar tries to teach Lifprasil important life lessons. Lifprasil is persuaded to go on a world-exploring adventure. The three Divas are tasked with planning Lifprasil's city. - No Might spent

174 - Ull'Yang - A young female wolf, Whisper, struggles to survive and feed her pack on the central island in Cygnea. Ull'Yang awakes to find Cygnea a paradise, and that his dragon-body had fused with the island and become stone. Ull'Yang finds Whisper, sees promise in her, and persuades her to follow him, promising to protect her pack. Whisper is transformed into Luna, the Twilight Queen. - Ull'Yang: -1 Might to make a Hero (Luna), -0.5 Might to infuse the central island with power.

175 - Vestec, Julkolfyr - In the Darkened Spires, Vestec finds Julkolfyr and, using a modified Orb of Darkness leading to Vestec's personal plane, the Realm of Madness, Vestec traps Julkolfyr. A hain sculptor, Sharmen, witnesses this, and is instructed by Vestec to make a sculpture of this event. Vestec decorrupts five Fallen Angels, rewrites their memories to make it appear that they had been instructed by Niciel to attack Cornerstone, then lets them attack Cornerstone. Vestec goes to visit Kyre and sends apparitions to talk with Niciel and Toun. - No Might spent

176 - Elysium, Logos - Logos presents the Waters of Nyneve to Elysium. Elysium accidentally bathes in it and receives a disturbing vision of a Logos which could have been. Logos had used the pool to perceive the many possible outcomes of Vestec's war, and asks for Elysium's aid. Logos creates the first Acalya flower in preparation for war. - Logos: -1 Might to Level up Elysium 7 times to 8, -9 Might to Level up to 4, -1 Might to create the Acalya flower.

177 - NPC elementals - The elementals in a region near the Fractal Sea convene to discuss the spread of Jvanic corruption. Basheer gives his testimony. Stormlord Tempus, Firelord Cinder and Waterlord Hydraxis agree to battle the Jvanic threat, while Stonelord Gneiss does not consider Jvan dangerous enough to take action. Sculptors can find some refuge in caves and mountains. Sculptors, especially those who used to be elementals, are hunted. Murmur, an elemental of thunder hunting the Sculptors, is introduced. - No Might spent

178 - Jvan - Jvan (via Heartworm) is touring the world to modify the Urtelem and teach them sign language. Urtelem communicate with Sculptors, and learn that the changes they underwent was caused by 'Spiral-Palms'. Jvan finds the Venomweald Writhe, is impressed by its power, but Heartworm barely escapes with its life. Heartworm is pelted by rocks from an ogre, and Jvan vengefully dissects the ogres, with the witnesses coming to call the god Juk Fonk. Jvan blesses the Rovaick to be capable of birthing semi-viable crossbreeds, directly impregnates some Rovaick of either gender, dismisses a challenge from an Azibo hermit, and is called Yah Vuh. Urtelem learn crude mineral 'cooking'. The hain associate wierd things in the world with Jaan. An Angel, Hefin, is transmuted by Jvan, and spreads body jewellery about the other Angels, calling Jvan Yivvin. Jvan enjoys the Phantasmagoria, but is maddened by Grot's destruction of a village with its potential for technology. Sculptors (~10) and Urtelem (a few hundred) in the region are mobilised to defend the Valley of Peace. Among them is a human Sculptor named Dancer, and a human girl named Tira joins them, learning their language. The humans west of the Valley of Peace call jvan Y'Vahn. Jvan finds Sharmen, watches her complete her fourth statue of Julkolfyr, then grants her solace in death. - Jvan: -1 Freepoint to teach Urtelem crude mineral processing.

179 - Toun, Vestec - The five angels are killed easily by Toun's slave hain. Vestec arrives and tells Toun that Niciel sent those Angels to attack. Toun is suspicious. Toun has his slave hain prepare Cornerstone for the Horde of Chaos. Toun reads one of the angel's minds, and comes to believe Vestec's report about Niciel. Furious, Toun stomps the ground, causing an earthquake. Due to distance, only a small tidal surge occurs around the White Ocean. - No Might spent

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180 - Niciel, Vestec - Vestec attempts to persuade Niciel that some of her angels went to warn Cornerstone about the incoming horde, and were attacked by the slave hain. Vestec also speaks of his Hordes. Niciel is suspicious, and goes to Cornerstone herself - No Might spent

181 - Teknall, Zephyrion, Ventus, Ilunabar, Allure, Lifprasil - Set before Phantasmagoria and the Hordes of Chaos, in the Celestial Citadel. Teknall has a chat with Zephyrion then Ilunabar, catching up. Teknall and Ilunabar discuss the benefits of the Divas. Allure renovates his rooms and makes statues of women including Notte. Lifprasil and Allure talk about the nature of beauty. The High Lifprasilians have hanging gardens in the Celestial Citadel. Lifprasil and Teknall talk a bit about Lifprasil's global ambitions. Then Kyre's message arrives, and Teknall goes off to prepare.

182 - Lifprasil, Belvast - Lifprasil creates three Fractal Artefacts: an ocarina, the Fractal Utensil (shown as a quill), and a cube (shown containing parchment). The ocarina is left for Zephyrion. Lifprasil becomes Vesamera, and leaves the Celestial Citadel to explore the world and learn. Meanwhile, Belvast has travelled the world for millenia. Belvast creates the Mobius Board. Vesamera and Belvast meet in the Deepwood, and play a game on the Mobius Board, betting friendship and fish. Belvast wins and Vesamera gives him a fish, and reveals that s/he is Lifpraisl and a demigod. Belvast joins Vesamera on her adventures. - Lifprasil: -3 Might to create three Fractal Artefacts. Belvast: -7 Might to Level up twice to Level 3, -1 Might to create the Mobius Board.

183 - Gerrik Far-Teacher, Teknall - Gerrik experiences Phantasmagoria, and receives visions of Susa the Huntress, Fibeslay, Grinder, and Vascogne's wine, and where to find them. Teknall warns Gerrik of the incoming Horde of hain and angels, and blesses Gerrik. Gerrik has 10 days to prepare the village, and Teknall will gather Urtelem to help. - Teknall: -1 Might to Level up Far-Teacher 4 times to Level 5.

184 - Vestec, Kyre - Vestec approaches Kyre with a deal to slow down his armies to give Kyre time for the sentients to prepare. Kyre refuses. Vestec's Avatar, Violence, is created and sent to join the hain and fallen angel hordes. Vestec curses a quarter of souls to be sent to his Realm of Madness rather than Reathos' Wraith Stone when they die. Vestec curses 1% of those who die to become a Cursed, undead. - Vestec: -1 Might to create an Avatar (Violence), -2 Might to curse those who die.

185 - NPC elementals - A human village witnesses a battle between two air elementals, the storm threatening to destroy their village. A sleeping earth elemental, Tremor, awakens, scares the djinn off and goes back to sleep. The human village express gratitude by planting flowers on Tremor's sleeping earth-covered back. - No Might spent

186 - Teknall, Zephyrion, Ventus, Vestec - Teknall prepares Urtelem to guard some villages from the hain and angel horde. Teknall leaves Grot to others. Teknall sends 200 Urtelem to fight the Pronobii and Ashling horde (this weakens them enough to make them not slaughter the west coast of the Fractal Sea, but they still make it to the South Pole with enough numbers to fight the Pronobii there). Teknall seeks the help of Zephyrion to deal with the Storm Djinn, who sends Ventus to create an Order to act as his personal lynch mob. Teknall convinces Ventus to fight the fallen angels in the upcoming battle. Vestec's Avatar joins the hain/angel horde, and Vestec strikes a binding deal with Teknall to slow down the horde for 30 days in exchange for a favour, twisting Teknall's words so he didn't get the deal he wanted. Vestec insists that a favour from Kyre is required to remove the Avatar. Teknall goes to Kyre. - Vestec: -1 Might to bless/curse to make the deal binding.

187 - Toun, Niciel - Niciel visits Toun in Cornerstone. Toun is still mad. Niciel asks for an apology. Toun shows Niciel the tampered angel minds. Niciel figures out that they had been fooled by Vestec, but leaves with the corpses without telling Toun. Toun is still mad at Niciel - No Might spent

188 - Jvan, NPC elementals - Stonelord Gneiss visits Jvan and attempts to negotiate peace. Negotiations break down, and Jvan swallows Gneiss. Jvan creates Diaphane, the first Change-Eater, a race designed to fight the elementals, and feeds Gneiss' Flicker to her. Diaphane lives for a while, eating smaller elementals, eventually becoming gravid asexually. Murmur, Bringer of Thunder, who was helping Stormlords set up an annual typhoon, hears of Diaphane, and goes to fight her. Murmur survives relatively unharmed, but Diaphane is mortally wounded, and scatters her eggs into space. - Jvan: -1 Might to create Diaphane.

189 - Toun - Toun sees the hain/angel horde and Violence. Toun uses the calligraphic language he used in the Codex to create two Avatars, Majus and Minus, and sends them to fight Violence - Toun: -5 Might to Level up to 4, -1 Might to create an Avatar (Majus), -2 Might to create a second Avatar (Minus), -3 Might to adopt a Portfolio (Calligraphy)

190 - Astarte - Astarte has a dream/vision in the middle of the Phantasmagoria. Astarte names her ogre Big. Big is portrayed here as gentle and caring. - No Might spent

191 - nill

192 - Vulamera, Vakarlon, Keriss - Seeing the forces of Chaos on Galbar, Vulamera and Vakarlon agree to create a Demigod. Vulamera enters Vakarlon's mind, a labyrinth of conflicted thoughts. Vakarlon's Chance plus Serandor's Destruction makes Suffering. Serandor as a lion is found trapped by statues of Vakarlon's lost loved ones. Vulamera enters Serandor's mind, a plane of destruction and ruin. They talk. Vulamera finds Vakarlon trying to spy on Serandor (symbolised by a snowbelle), and banishes Vakarlon from Serandor's mind. Vulamera then goes to Vakarlon's essence, protects his mind from Serandor. They create the demigoddess Keriss. They tell Keriss her role in life, Vulamera gives her the Crown of Pain to channel Vulamera's powers, then Keriss is teleported down to the Venomweald. - Vulamera: -1 Might to create the Crown of Pain

193 - NPC Violet - Violet is in the hain/angel horde when Violence arrives and when Vestec slows it to a stop for 30 days. The horde is slowed by a creeping collective psychosis, and camps down in a peat bog. A pack of Urtelem attacks, Violence killing most of them, but one being separated and, not without causing injury, is eventually taken down by Violet and some angels. Violet is accepted by the angels as one of their own. - No Might spent

194 - Toun - Caused by Phantasmagoria, Toun dances with a faceless female illusion and the rest of Cornerstone dances with him. It was strange for Toun - No Might spent

195 - Niciel, Falas - Niciel creates more Wisps. Niciel tells the Angels of the pantheon. Niciel turns four Angels into Archangels. Falas is granted the power to create Archangels and Seraphs. The Angels killed by Toun's minions are given a proper funeral. During Phantasmagoria, Niciel, the Wisps and the Angels all dance. Life Wips are created, which can fuse with trees to form Ents. Angels gain the power to control Wisps. - Niciel: -2 Might to create four Archangels and bless Falas, -1 Might to create Life Wisps, -1 Might to give Angels Wisp-controlling powers, -5 Might to Level up to 4

196 - Nimueh, Reathos - Nimueh loses the battle of Reas'Thul against the Horde of Chaos, and her retreat is covered by the elders, who eventually fall. The battle of Nime'Agul is also a defeat. Arcadia, an Unwanted, uses Casting to kill flying Ashlings. Reathos reveals to Nimueh that she is a Hero, then says the Pronobii need to survive for 6 winter-nights. Reathos feels the flow of souls disturbed. Reathos raises a global army of mindless undead and marches them to the south pole. - Reathos: -1 Might to raise an undead army, -5 Might to Level up to 4.

197 - Jvan - Jvan attempts to extend herself into the Gap, but finds that, due to Vowzra, the Other is more powerful than expected, and she falls deeply ill, until one of the shards of Toun within her is knocked free and becomes active, allowing her to force the Other into perfect geometric order. A Holy Site, Ovaedis, is created, and sent into orbit as part of Galbar's rings. - Jvan: -1 Might to subdue the Other, -10 Might to create a Holy Site (Ovaedis), -1 Might to send Ovaedis into orbit.

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198 - Turn 6

199 - Slough - Slough lies unburied and unmarked in the Forsaken Cragland, where the delta of the Mahd used to be. Her resting place is the Deadwood Sepulcher, which attracts aimless wanderers and grants them undeath at the price of a suppressed soul. Slough's 'death' causes the Aimless Time, a season of undeath, to befall the world, although it ends without a trace and only the gods are capable of remembering it. Numerous tombs with special souls are in the Cragland: a proud soul of a chaos-drenched lord, a proud soul of a crystalline dragon, a brave soul of a skybound sympathizer, a brave soul of a malevolent maiden, a brave soul of a charismatic warhound, a vast soul of the knowledgeable youth, a vast soul of the starlight scientist - Slough: -10 Might to create a Holy Site (Deadwood Sepulcher), -2 Freepoints and -5 Might to recall the souls.

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200 - Toun, Teknall, NPC Rovaick - Sularn and Gruik pray to Toun and Teknall, and receive an answer. Toun creates Sularn's Vow, an oath to strive for perfection and allowing participating Rovaick to go unmolested by White Giants. Toun grants knowledge of basic agriculture via Tounic calligraphy. Teknall promises to send a helper to teach metalworking. Gruik is given an ornamental copper hammer. - Toun: -1 Freepoint to make Sularn's Vow, -1 Freepoint to teach basic plant agriculture, -1 Freepoint to teach basic animal domestication

201 - Vestec - During Phantasmagoria, Bez has bad visions about porcelain Rovaick, and Tular is tormented by visions of his dead family and develops Destruction Magic. Present time, Vestec finds the comatose Slough and calls Astarte, Ilunabar, Vulamera and Niciel for help. - No Might spent

202 - Ilunabar, Lifprasil, Lakshmi, Allure - Lifprasil/Vesamera thinks of her friends. Lakshmi, the Divas and Allure plan Lifprasil's first settlement. A mixed Lifprasilian and marionette workforce is decided on. Allure will go live there. - No Might spent

203 - Jvan - Jvan's avatar Heartworm responds to Vestec's call by punching him through the planet. An explosion occurs in the Metatic Ocean. Jvan expands the Deadwood Sepulcher into the Caliginous Mangrove. Jvan washes Slough. Jvan tosses Maize's body into the grave of the Crystallised Dragon. - Jvan: -1 Might to blast Vestec away, -1 Might to create the Caliginous Mangrove, -1 Freepoint to wash Slough.

204 - Ilunabar - Bored during the Aimless Time, Ilunabar trains her control of energy. Ilunabar plans to make two heroes. Ilunabar choses to ignore Vestec's call - Ilunabar: -1 Might to increase Concealment Level by 1.

205 - Vowzra - Vowzra seals Slough in a forcefield and bark cocoon, protecting her from all outside influences and giving her Time for a second chance at Life. Vowzra collects a tomb with a familiar soul. Vowzra, Slough and tomb teleport away. Slough's cocoon is found in Old Bark-Skin by the Treeminds and dubbed the 'Heaven-Orb'. - Vowzra: -17 Might to cocoon Slough.

206 - Vestec - Vestec shields himself from Jvan's attack with Chaos Energy and returns promptly. He reprimands Jvan and Ilunabar. Vestec follows Vowzra and steals a tribe of Treeminds. - Vestec: -1 Might to shield himself.

207 - Astarte - Astarte goes to the Deedwood Sepulchre. She sees Heartworm and insults it for being ugly. Astarte departs and asks Vestec where he went. - No Might spent

208 - Niciel - Niciel arrives at the Deadwood Sepulchre and finds Slough's cocoon. She helps anyway by gifting 6 powerful Life Wisps and an Orb of Life to Slough and sealing them within a barrier until such time that Slough leaves the cocoon. Ordinary wisps safeguard the barrier. - Niciel: -6 Might to create 6 Life Wisps, -2 Might to create an Orb of Life, -8 Might to make a barrier for the Wisps.

209 - Ilunabar - Makeda, a black-haired angel, is made into an avenging Hero. Chroma, a change-eater, is raised inside a dream in Raka. - Ilunabar: -1 Might to make a Hero (Makeda), -1 Might to make a Hero (Chroma)

210 - Jvan - Jvan perceives Vowzra cocooning Slough and attempting to remove the early influences on Slough as divine abuse of the highest order, and goes a little mad and throws a tantrum. In the tantrum, Heartworm's laboratory is destroyed and Heartworm's mind is inadvertently liberated. As escapism, Jvan plays around with colours and ignores the world. Jvan decides that Vowzra must die. - Jvan: -3 Might to adopt a Portfolio (Geometry)

211 - Kyre, Teknall, Vestec - Kyre feels guilt over the destruction Vestec's hordes have caused. Teknall comes to Kyre and tells him what has happened regarding Vestec and the Horde. They go to Violence, and Kyre offers Vestec a favour as a blessing or curse in exchange for delaying Grot's horde for 30 days, a deal accepted. Kyre takes the form of a hain and goes to teach the village with Gerrik combat skills. Teknall heads to the Deepwood. - Kyre: -5 Might to Level up to 4.

212 - Teknall, Ull'Yang -  Teknall visits Yang'Ze, Ull'Yang's Avatar, who had been training in the Deepwood. Teknall calls in the favour for creating Sunderer, Yang'Ze's weapon, requesting that Yang'Ze help them kill Violence. They plan, then Yang'Ze heads to the meeting point while Teknall goes to his personal plane. - No Might spent

213 - NPC hain - A story involving a hain hunter named Lissean and a hain shaman named Rilan. Tarok is also mentioned. They are hunting 'fibreheads' (humans), as revenge for killing Lissean's grandfather. They are ambushed by fibreheads, but they all scatter when a flood comes, caused by two flood djinn fighting. There is mention of Zetiron, lord of the sky and god of change. - No Might spent

214 - Ommok - Ogres live on the outskirts of the Venomweald in a Stone Age environment. Ommok, the immortal ogre king, takes tribute from the ogres and makes cave paintings sharing knowledge. He benefits from Phantasmagoria. Ogres are progressing. - No Might spent

215 - Lifprasil, Belvast, Ilunabar - Vesamera and Belvast meet Susa the Huntress, who is lame. There are mentions of people who see strange dreams. Vesamera/Lifprasil heals Susa and makes her a Hero. Susa joins Lifprasil's party. At Susa and Lifprasil's request, Belvast obtains the location of a strange merchant from Ilunabar, in exchange for promising to open a portal out of a dream. Lifprasil receives a premonition involving the death of Slough via nightmare. - Lifprasil: -1 Might to make a Hero (Susa). Ilunabar: -1 Might to teach certain group oneiromancy (possibly redacted)

216 - Teknall - In orbit around the red dwarf in his personal plane, Teknall creates the Elemental Siphon, the Stellar Engine, and an empty workshop/space station. Teknall creates Goliath, and arms it with an assortment of weapons. They go to beat up Violence. - Teknall: -1 Might to create the Elemental Siphon, -1 Might to create the Stellar Engine, -1 Might to create an Avatar (Goliath), -1 Might to create 10 weapons for Goliath.

217 - Jvan, Lifprasil - Prior to Jvan's breakdown. Jvan launches probes to Galbar from Ovaedis, one landing near Vesamera. Heartworm goes to chat with Lifprasil for Jvan, and they establish good relations. Lifprasil and Heartworm travel to space. Jvan gifts Lifprasil a rocket-powered mount, Ovaedia, using Ovaedis to create it. Lifprasil and Jvan be friends. Jvan then goes to Vestec and Slough. - Jvan: -1 Might to create Ovaedia.

218 - Slough - After some time, Slough's cocoon disintegrates and she is reincarnated as a deer of wood. She sets out purposefully. - No Might spent

219 - Vestec - Vestec converts three Treeminds into a new race to predate on normal treeminds. Grot and his horde is blessed with Aura resistance and taught elementalism. Astarte is invited to come experiment on the remaining three treeminds. - Vestec: -1 Might to create a new race from the Treeminds, -1 Might to grant aura resistance and elementalism to the Grot horde.

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220 - Vowzra - Three Treeminds are introduced, Morarom Oramomaro, Zinaniza Inazinzani, and Salisilas Lasisal. They find their village empty, and are spirited away to Chronos. Meanwhile in Chronos, a child opens a tomb and is possessed by a purple spirit. The child goes to Galbar. - No Might spent

221 - Ilunabar - Chroma is raised in the dream-land of Iridia, and realises she's a superhero. Makeda is trained by Ilunabar in dream simulations. - Ilunabar: -6 Might to Level up to 5.

222 - NPC Flux - Flux is a water elemental, controlling tides in a lagoon in the Fractal Sea. Old Fishbones, the First Sculptor, encounters Flux, and gives him a gift. Flux reluctantly becomes an oily Sculptor. Flux kills his rival Pyre. Flux later joins Tira and Dancer before they fight Grot. - No Might spent

223 - Amartia, Vestec - Amartia is born when Vestec puts a human into one of the soul-tombs in the Deadwood Sepulchre, with some contribution from Vestec's Chaos. Amartia is shown the world, then thrown into the desert. - No Might spent (?)

224 - Belruarc, 'The Boy' - Belruarc accidentally creates a Holy Site from the open cocoon under Old Barkskin. Belruarc finds a young boy and takes care of him. The boy is revealed to be able to absorb souls. The boy pursues Belruarc, who flees all the way to the Deepwood. Cornered, Belruarc is saved when a boulder is revealed to be a giant turtle, an Avatar of Vowzra. Belruarc and the Avatar depart together. - Belruarc: -30 Might to create a Holy Site.

225 - Grot, Falas, Lifprasil, Belvast - Grot's horde with rovaick, humans, the Order of Lakshmi, urtelem and heraktati, plus Bez the troll, clash with Falas, the four Archangels, an angelic army with Holy Wisps, urtelem, Dancer aka Fencer, Tira, faeries and Flux in the foothills of the Nice Mountains. Many urtelem are killed. Fencer is killed. Meanwhile, Niciel and Vestec talk about the horde and Toun. Bez is made a Hero with discord powers by Vestec. Lifprasil on Ovaedia arrives, talks tactics with Falas, then fights Grot. Tira fights Bez. Bez is beaten, and Tira is heavily wounded. The Lifprasilian army led by Lakshmi arrive. Lifprasil and Falas fight Grot from the inside. Belvast teleports Grot into the ocean. Grot is killed. Vestec saves Bez, and takes some of the Horde and some remains of Grot. The remains of the horde pledge loyalty to Lifprasil. Lifprasilians start going home. - Vestec: -1 Might to make a Hero (Bez)

226 - Teknall - Teknall adds life support and cooling to his Workshop. - No Might spent

227 - NPC Jakin - Set in quiet region of purple sand between Ironhearts and White Ocean, a multiracial area. Jakin, a story-telling human elder, is introduced. Story of nomads, trade, food and agriculture is told. A stone calendar had been built here. - No Might spent

228 - Ventus, Basheer, Murmur - Basheer kills hain undergoing their 'second hatching'. Murmur and Basheer meet. They want to kill Jvanic beings. They meet Ventus, and are adopted into the Zephyrean Skywatch, a Holy Order organised by Ventus, and made into Heroes. - Ventus: -10 Khookies to make a Holy Order (Zephyrean Skywatch), -10 Khookies to empower both Basheer and Murmur into Heroes.

229 - NPC Eskandars - Eskandar decides that his children need lifemates. Three warrior groups are made. Bato, Palo and Orif are promoted to the status of Warrior-Chiefs, the leaders of these groups. - No Might spent

230 - Teknall, Ilunabar, Kinesis, Conata - Teknall plants trees in the Celestial Citadel. Teknall wants a helper to fulfill his promise to the Rovaick, and eventually he, Ilunabar and Meimu settle on two designs. They go to Teknall's Workshop. Kinesis is made/born first, with some mishaps, and is taken by Ilunabar to the Celestial Citadel. Conata is made/born second in a more controlled manner, then taken by Teknall to the Celestial Citadel. - Teknall: -1 Freepoint to make trees, -2 Might to make his two daughters.

231 - Jvan - Diaphane's child enters Galbar's ring and heads to Ovaedis. Nocti, Gaia and Imago are created to inhabit Lex's remains. Jvan invites Astarte to visit Lex. Jvan sends a messenger to follow Slough, and attracts mortal pilgrims. - Jvan: -1 Might to create Nocti, -1 Might to create Gaia, -1 Might to create Imago, -1 Freepoint to attract pilgrims to Slough.

232 - Amartia - Amartia explores the desert and Venomweald, then heads to the Purple Sands. Amartia helps a greedy Troll attain his dreams and become very wealthy. Discord is sown in the Rovaick community, and Amartia becomes a problem solver. Cult of Amartia (aka the Illumi) is formed, followed by humans, hain and trolls, with some influence on other Rovaick. - Amartia: -3 Might to Level up to 2, -1 Might to create the Cult of Amartia

233 - Ilunabar, Lifprasil, Allure - (events mostly take place before the Gort battle) The capital city of Lifprasil's empire is built, construction led by the Divas. Marionettes form the core workforce. First, a wooden port with farmlands is made, to interact with other mortal cities. Second, a grand city, with Allure doing the landscaping, is made, hidden behind fog and illusions, inhabited by the Lifprasillians. Allure invents the glaive. Marionette mounts are made. Lakshmi and Susa are also in the city. Ilunabar builds a stunning palace. Tira is settled into the palace to recover. - Ilunabar: -1 Might to create the palace, -3 Might to adopt a Portfolio (Aesthetic)

234 - Amartia - The Cult of Amartia spreads publicly among hain and humans and secretly among the Rovaick. Amartia converts 7 mortals to be consumed by a specific Sin, a council called the Illumi; Troll of Greed, Azibo of Pride, Tedar of Heresy, Hain of Temptation, Human of Wrath, Human of Gluttony. The nation of Amestris is formed. Trade pressure is put on surrounding Rovaick tribes to assimilate. Xerxes the capital city is built. - No Might spent

235 - Zephyrion - Zephyrion makes a storm of cataclysmic proportions to gain the attention of humans. Many die, prayers to djinn and Elysium go unanswered. One man named Caesus braves the weather to find the cause, and Zephyrion leads Caesus to himself. Caesus is reborn as a Hero, with the Heroship descending through his bloodline, and is renamed to Primus. Zephyrion ressurrects those killed in the storm. Many follow Primus in a mass exodus to the Mahd River Valley, setting up a kingdom. - Zephyrion: -3 Might to make Caesus/Primus a Hero and bless his entire bloodline, -1 Might to fix some of the Storm's damage

236 - Heartworm - Heartworm is in the Caliginous Mangrove. Heartworm consumes some fabric of reality to increase concealment. Heartworm modifies local fauna to be hidden in various ways. Heartworm surrounds itself with Sculptor aides. Heartworm begins exploring Mammon's Black Labyrinth. - Jvan: -1 Might to increase Heartworm's Concealment level by 1, -1 Freepoint to make new living things in the Mangrove

237 - Gerrik Far-Teacher, Kyre - The village being fortified by Gerrik to stop the Horde has finished its walls. Kyre introduces himself as a hain named Wind-Striker. Kyre rallies together 11 hain for combat training, and teaches new weapons such as javelins, arrowheads, and shields. Gerrik receives additional training, allowing him to fully use the Eenal Bow and Guardian Shield. The first 11 warrior-hain teach more hain. Reinformenets arrive. Improvements to fortifications are made. - Kyre: -1/4 MP to teach javelins, -1/4 MP to teach improved arrowheads, -1/4 MP to teach shields; Gerrik: -2 Khookies to teach fortifications.

238 - Amartia, Jvan - A Sculptor presently called Nimble is found by Amartia, and Jvan talks through Nimble to Amartia. Jvan broadly approves of what Amartia has been doing. Sculptors will inhabit Xerxes more. On request, Jvan gifts Amartia with five palaces/temples. These are dropped from orbit, and are semi-organic. Amartia's is the biggest, named the Eye of Cipher. The rest are smaller, for other deities. - Jvan: -1 Might to create the temples.

239 - Kyre - The Avatar Custos is created. - Kyre: -1 Might to create an Avatar (Custos).

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240 - Lazarus, Vowzra - Lazarus, a powerful human, excavates a cavern. He and workers are attacked by sanity-destroying monsters. Workers are killed, Lazarus goes mad. Lazarus drinks from a powerful chalice, and violently transforms into a demigod of Knowledge. A divine burst of energy indicates his position, and he is sealed in a cocoon. Earlier, Vowzra had moved Perfectus from the Gap to Chronos. Vowzra had planted the Eldritch Relics of Perfectus in hundreds of millions of worlds, including that chalice contain a weakened demigod soul which Lazarus had consumed. Vowzra grants Lazarus knowledge of his origins. - No Might spent

241 - NPC Eskandars - Orif receives tribute from a vanquished tribe. A madwoman invents toothbrushes, and only Orif believes her. - No Might spent

242 - Ull'Yang, Kyre, Teknall - Yang'Ze, Custos and Goliath meet, strategise, and decide that Custos will lure Violence to an abandoned village and the others will ambush Violence there. - No Might spent

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243 - Turn 7

244 - Vowzra, Belruarc, Astarte - Astarte meets Belruarc and Vowzra's Avatar (the Vicegerent of the Vicegerent) on their way to Violence. Astarte agrees to help, and creates an Avatar, Brown, to help. - Astarte: -1 Might to create an Avatar (Brown).

245 - Astarte, Vestec, Mammon, Reathos - Astarte accepts Vestec's invitation to play with the Tree-Minds. They turn them into Pack-Minds, predators with an affinity for corruption. Julkolfyr is still trapped in the Realm of Madness, and is quite mad. Astarte trades a jar of Liquid Light for some of Julkolfyr's darkness and Vestec's chaos essence. The Pack-Minds and remaining Tree-Minds are deposited in the north pole. Vestec goes and finds Mammon, who is fading away. Vestec convinces Mammon to merge with the Realm of Madness, and demons are created. Vestec goes to the beacon where Lazarus was, only to find Amartia had already taken the cocoon. Vestec is then attacked by Reathos and they fall into the Realm of Madness. - No Might spent

246 - Ilunabar, Chroma - Chroma's dream is degrading, and Ilunabar sends Chroma to Julia Island on Galbar. Ilunabar and Piena are unhappy with what Amartia is doing with Sin. Notte babysits Chroma, finds that Chroma doesn't eat normal food or elementals, and Chroma is displeased with Galbar (which she knows as the Clashing World) and misses Iridia. Piena and Ilunabar gather the Quara Korala and create the Grand Parade - Ilunabar: -1 Might to create a Holy Order (the Grand Parade)

247 - Amartia, Lazarus - Enas Amartia has a meeting with the Illumi. Three of the lesser temples have been dedicated to Teknall, Jvan and Astarte, called the Houses of Construct, Life and Magic respectively. Obsidian weapons are developed. The Human of Wrath is killed for insubordinate talk. It is decreed that Amestris will have an army, and that all children must undertake an apprenticeship. The Troll of Greed is sent to find 7 women for Amartia. Amartia discovers Lazarus and takes the cocoon to his palace. Amartia fights Lazarus briefly. They then get aquainted. Lazarus is offered a home in the House of Knowledge. Lazarus creates a cursed box and secret code to store all his secrets. - Lazarus: -2 Might to create a secure box, -2 Might to create an arcane enigma language

248 - Ull'Yang, Kyre, Teknall, Vestec - Custos tries to lure Violence, but Violence avoids him and attacks a hain boy. Kyre manages to save the boy, and Violence is dragged to the ambush point. Custos, Goliath and Yang'Ze fight Violence, who manages to evade them. Then Custos invents the great-axe, and attacks Violence with it. - Kyre: -2 Might to teleport away the hain boy, -1 Might to permanently buff Custos' speed, -0.25 Might to invent the great axe and give it to mortals.

249 - NPC Eskandars - Bato finds a foreign village, led by a woman named Maki and with something akin to democracy. The tribe rejects Eskandar's rule, but gives a gift. Hints of romance appear between Bato and Maki. Eskandar is furious that they did not submit, but Bato pleads to spare them. Bato demonstrates to Maki's tribe the Bow of the Moon-Mother and its use, and they are impressed. Romance continues to grow between Maki and Bato. - No Might spent

250 - Jvan, NPCs Flux, Tira, Tauga - In Angelblood Ridge, Flux goes among the abnormally high number of new undead and make them take a vow of peace and reparation. Flux finds a half-goblin lady named Yulosi, and they stick together. Lenslings are discovered. In Alefpria, Tira wakes, and has no friends. In Xerxes, a hain named Tauga is going through an unusually traumatic second hatching (5 weeks as opposed to the usual 2). Tauga hides in the House of Life, and meets a Tedar Sculptor named Help. Evidence-based medical science is started. - Jvan: -1 Freepoint to create Lenslings.

251 - Ilunabar - Ilunabar interferes with Xerxes in a few ways. Youth become unusually distracted and daydreamy. The Troll of Greed's perception of a good bride is altered. Eçarana, a descendant of Guarana, is planted. Sirenian Fiberlings are placed in the ocean. - No Might spent

252 - Lazarus - Lazarus writes in his secret diary. He's planning to study the Gap and Divine Energies. He's paranoid about being spied on. Lazarus goes for a walk, finds Ecarana, and eats a lot, harvests more. It gives him inspiration, but also makes him daydream. - No Might spent

253 - Amartia - Amartia impregnates the seven women, and the babies grow quickly. The military is organised and grows. Goblins invent obsidian sickle swords. Azibo find a way to magically harvest and purify obsidian. The 7 women go into labor. - Amartia: -1 Might to impregnate the women, -1 Might to accellerate the pregnancy, -1 Might to build the military

254 - Ilunabar, Belvast - Ilunabar invites Belvast over via dreams to eat tuna pie. Belvast opens a portal from his dream to reality. Only minor wierdness happens. Using the Mobius Board, Belvast and Ilunabar play a wargame, to which Ilunabar adds augmented reality illusions. Belvast wins. - Ilunabar: -1 Freepoint to make cool visual effects.

255 - Ull'Yang, Luna - Ull'Yang and Luna tour Cygnea. - No Might spent

256 - Vowzra, Vulamera - Vulamera has gone mad studying the Codex of Creation. Vowzra finds Vulamera, and opens the Codex to the page from which Vulamera had torn a tiny bit. The Codex absorbs Vulamera's spirit to repair the tear. Vowzra seals the Codex within the Cube, and implies it will be transformed on leaving. - No Might spent

257 - Jvan - Jvan tracks Perfectus to Chronos, and detects the Relics of Perfectus. Jvan considers Vowzra reckless with the Gap, and would soon make a move against him. Heartworm is informed. Jvan designs and constructs the Arks, Mother Suprema and Father Dominus, as infant bio-spaceships in Ovaedis. An Ark will eventually be given to Lifprasil. The change eaters are adopted as foster children by the young Arks, and the Arks take them on practice raids in secluded regions on Galbar. Diaphane Stellar, Diaphane Wander and Diaphane Whisper are introduced. - Jvan: -1 Might to create the infant Arks, -1 Freepoint to give the Arks growth and reproduction.

258 - NPC Eskandars, TOBIA - Palo is captured and saved by Orif. TOBIA arrives at the main camp, is met by Eskandar, and Eskandar returns with the Law. Some are unhappy with the changes, and conspire to kill Eskandar, but are punished severely. Bato goes hunting when it was forbidden, and Eskandar kills him. Eskandar's wives, Zekra, Seri, Tse, Beru, Cala, Anja and Kae, are made to pledge allegiance to him, as are his children and grandchildren and their mates. A grandson, Rak, is impudent, and is beaten by Eskandar. Bet, Eskandar's newest life-mate, captured from another village, kills Eskandar in his sleep. - No Might spent

259 - Lazarus - Lazarus packs his stuff and leaves stealthily at night. Finds a valley in the mountains. - Lazarus: -2 Might to be extra sneaky.

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260 - Ilunabar - A post summarising all that Ilunabar has done to date. Features an unbiased summary and the complete, biased version. - No Might.

261 - Logos, Elysium - A battle between armoured humans, with shields and spears, is about to breakout. Logos and Elysium are arguing - it appears that such conflict and violence was unplanned. Unable to watch, Elysium flies away and is quickly followed by Logos. They arrive at a mountain at the bottom of which lies a rather advanced town featuring stone huts, windows, lanterns, woolen blankets. Elysiums gives a cold boy an enchanted fire in a lantern. When she returns to Logos, he is angered by her actions which go against the 'Natural Order'. He eventually promises that he will consider his position towards the humans. - No Might.

262 - Amartía - Sin's seven children are born. The first, Pride, is male and is named Orgullo. The others are likewise imbued with a sin and are, in order: Acedia (male), Gulam (male), Zilévo (female), Lagneía (female), Ira (male), Codicia (male). Xerxes grows due to domestic trade between the twelve tribes of Xerxes. Each of these tribes is led by a Popei to whom the tribesmen are loyal and who in turn are loyal and report to Sin. The military continues growing and Sin turns his eyes on securing magic for it. - No Might.

263 - NPC Eskandars - Bet is apprehended and about to be executed, but reveals she is with child and so is confined in her tent. Civil war breaks out as differences emerge about who should be the new Patriarch. Orif is killed and Palo pledges vengeance. Elia declares herself neutral, but is soon dragged in and declared the Matriarch, warring against Patriarch Palo. Elia is eventually killed and Palo, after much bloodshed, becomes uncontested Patriarch. - No Might.

264 - Ilunabar, Lazarus - Ilunabar finds Lazarus as he attempts his escape. It emerges that Lazarus questing for some privacy. She offers to show him her maps in the Celestial Citadel, which Lazarus accepts. Lazarus plays around with little illusionary figures of a kitsune and wolf - it appears that he wishes to create a being that is a mixture of the two. He explains to Ilunabar that the Kitsune represents 'mercy' and the wold 'wrath', and that he wishes to create this being and release it into the world. Ilunabar helps him create an amulet which, when worn, will turn the wearer into this being. Ilunabar shows Lazarus her maps. He settles in a cave near the Valley of Peace and gives the amulet to a mortal whom he now keeps watch upon. He also plants his addictive creativity-fruit trees. - Ilunabar: -1 Might to create amulet imbuing wearer with Hero status. Lazarus: -1 Might to create arcane link between him and the wearer of the amulet.

265 - Zephyrion, Ventus, NPC Vetruvians, NPC Rukbans - Vetruvians and Rukbans are locked in an eternal conflict of raids and counter-raids. Zephyrion states that he despises the Rukbans and that the Vetruvians are his Chosen People, to Ventus' shock. Heru, firstborn son of Priest-King Akthanos, leads a force against the Rukbans. Weapons used include bows, atlatls, spears, and javelins, and the Rukbans ride horses. Heru wins a pyrrhic victory against the Rukbans. The dead were burned, so as not to rise in undeath, and their ashes thrown into the Mahd. Akthanos, miserable, seeks divine help in the royal catacombs. In search of lost knowledge, he reads various plaques and glyphs, learning of one 'Viz'zer' etc. However, the flame of his torch is soon extinguished and he is stuck in the dark. - Ventus: -10 Khookies to spread various preexisting technologies in their refined forms to Vetros.

266 - N/A - N/A

267 - Meimu, Susa, Lakshmi - Sailboats created in Alefpria. Susa goes off to travel with Lakshmi. Enter Salassar 'Sally', a Quara Korala. Susa tells them the story of the two brothers and the unfaithful wife. As she comes to its end, a mysterious voice sounds. Turns out it's Chroma. Chroma claims she has amnesia. Sally and Lakshmi suddenly seem to have forgotten the content of Susa's tale. - Ilunabar: -1 Free Point to invent sailing.

268 - Mesara, Furem - In the lands north of the steppes, a tribe fights for its survival. Mesara and Furem help them by healing some of their warriors. It becomes clear that Mesara-Furem is the hero Lazarus created with his amulet. Legend of 'Barmherzigkeit', the masked mercy, begin to spread far and wide. - No Might.

269 - Teknall, Conata, Kinesis - Kinesis and Conata meet one another. They clearly get along. They talk about their abilities and have a few minutes of self-discovery. They decide to build a machine! They raid the citadel and make a small clockwork machine resembling a kitten or dog. They chase the automaton until they find Teknall, and Conata is given a dress. Teknall then teaches them how to fly, much to their delight. - No Might.

270 - Slough - The Goddess of Life jounrneys from her place of awakening in the north and down to the Venomweald, creating the Streak, a path filled with life. She clashes with the Venomweald Writhe, whose soul she seizes for safekeeping. And the Venomweald's corpse is all that is left behind as the Goddess of Life continues her journey. - Slough: -16 Might to level up twice, -1 Free Point to take the Venomweald Writhe's soul.

271 - Vestec, Reathos - A horrific battle rages between Vestec and Reathos in the Realm of Madness. Reathos refuses to let up and is eventually killed. Vestec creates various artifacts out of Reathos' various body parts, and leaves his corpse in the Realm of Madness for later use. Vestec then departs for the Venomweald. - Vestec: -1 Might to turn Reathos' body parts into artifacts useable by mortals.

272 - Susa, Lakshmi, Chroma - The First Parade burns their trireme, as a statement of protest it would appear. They head for Fibreslay. Chroma wants to see the main settlement, but it appears only hain are permitted. She considers beating everyone up to undo this 'injustice'. She doesn't. Sally gets the attention of the chief, who was expecting the Parade, and they are invited to meet with him. The owner of the inn they are staying at gives Susa some human clothing - they appear to have deeper meaning to Susa. The chief is very happy to meet them all. Sally speaks with the chief and convinces him to build a lighthouse. The chief is sad due to his inability to propertly enlighten his people and build a great culture, but Sally comforts him and tells him to rule well while he could. - No Might.

273 - Lazarus, Mesara, Furem - Furem, 'wrath', is unleashed against the four-hundred strong Vands tribe. These northern people had developed the wheel. Furem sneaks into the chief's tent and challenges him before withdrawing. Hunting parties are sent out to find Furem and kill him. Night falls as they search. The chief is killed, and the legend of 'Zorn', the wolf of wrath, spreads far and wide. Lazarus, meanwhile, pours might into creating a gem that would detect divine beings. His trees are growing well, but needs new test subjects. He chooses a few Rovaick, and they follow him back to his base. - Lazarus: -1 Might to infuse a gem with essence focused on detecting divine energies.

274 - Violence, Yang'Ze, Custos, Goliath, Brown, the Vicegerent - The fight between Violence and the others continues. Violence is bound by Yang'Ze and Goliath attempts to kill Violence, but to no avail. As they prepare to end it, the Vicegerent arrives and tells them to stop fighting and beware of Jvan. Though the Vicegerent's arguements are not persuaded, Violene points out some of Jvan's horrific acts. Teknall admits that Jvan needs some 'talking to'. Violence is reasonably outraged at the double-standard. The Vicegerent dismisses Violence's arguments and goes on a philosophical tangent, destroying his credibility or potential for persuading the others. Brown interferes, shouts, gives them all a telling-off, before unbinding Violence and healing him. Brown then leaves. The Vicegerent attempts to separate the belligerents by teleporting Violence away. Yang'Ze gets in the way however. They prepare to fight, and Belruarc is teleported away. She is told to 'wait on him'. Yang'Ze and the Vicegerent go off fighting into the distance. Mysterious voices speak to one another. - Ull'Yang: -1 Might to unleash might-boosted sunfire rays upon Violence, -1 Might to attack Violence with his flaming bolas. Astarte: -1 Might to push the attacking Avatars away from Violence, -1 FP used to heal Violence's wounds.

275 - Tira - Tira successfully escapes her guard. She has developed an Alefprian gang - she has proven herself it seems - and they go to explore a cave. She does not like heights. Meanwhile on the Diaphanes front, the raids, while still short and limited to fairly isolated locations, have increased in frequency and the change eaters have destroyed at least one boat full of Lifprasilians. In Lex, a new species, dubbed sweethearts, has appeared. They're very fast, sapient (though not as intelligent as most mortal species), and their bodies produce an Other-substance that young change eaters find addictive. To hunt these, they need to do so in a faster, more organised fashion. Meanwhile, Heartworm learns of Vetros' existence due to the combination of two sculptors. - Jvan: -1 Free Point spent to teach the entropites more advanced aerial manoeuvres.

276 - Vowzra, Lifprasil, Belvast - Lifprasil realises that his mother has been killed and that Vowzra did it. Lifprasil and Belvast journey to Chronos to get answers andfor Lifprasil to reclaim the Codex, his 'birthright'. After a struggle, they both eventually make it in. Lifprasil notices that there are Lifprasillians here - they are those he let die long ago in the forest. After a tense conversation with Vowzra, it is revealed that the Codex has become the Godkiller and is no longer on Chronos. It can now only be in the possession of mortals, divines who approach or possess it are instantly destroyed. The mortal in question is in all ways invulnerable to divine assaults or manipulations. Belvast meets the Bard and is given a short-sword, bow, spider-silk armour, and a sertzstone. - Vowzra: -1 Might for short-sword, -1 Might for bow.

277 - Toun - Chronologically AFTER STAND. Cornerstone is being built up by Toun's hain when the god detects Lazarus. He journeys to the cave where Lazarus was born, and sends Minus to keep an eye on the demigod. He then tracks down Vulamera and learns of her death. Vowzra's trail makes clear, in Toun's eyes, that he is the culprit. - Toun: -6 Might to level up to 5, -10 Might to level up to 6.

278 - Astarte, Jvan - Big rocks a dress. And he looks good. He's become so big now that Astarte can no longer wrap her hands around him - so he tries to be less big. By becoming lean and muscular. Jvan contacts Astarte through a messenger. She had wanted to apologise for last time. She tells Astarte about her new boyfriend, Amartía. She offers to show Astarte her 'garden'. In space. Astarte and Big go there, Big being altered with magic to ensure his survival. Astarte admires it. She then gets sad because she does not think she can do things like this. Jvan comforts her. She realises that Astarte is broken-hearted. She tries to tell Astarte who she is. She is slightly successful. Astarte asks what the important thing Jvan wanted to talk to her about is. It's Slough and Vowzra's trapping her. Jvan had thought Slough forever trapped, but reveals that the Life Goddess had managed to escape 'Vowzra's trap'. But Jvan is worried about her still. She tells Astarte not to worry and to work on fixing herself. - Astarte: -1 Might toimbue Big with capacity to survive in space. Jvan: No Might.

279 - Astarte, Amartía - Big is kidnapped by Sin. Astarte is then called forth and blackmailed into giving Sin what he wants - a magic he calls the '5th Element'. He is excessively cruel to her, utterly breaking her confidence and self-esteem. Weeping, she gives into his demands. - No Might.

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280 - Zephyrion, Akthanos, Ventus - Akthanos is stuck in the dark, stumbling through the catacombs. A golden wind rejuvenates him and he continues with purpose. He comes to the altar at which Primus had aforetime spoken to Zephyrion. There, Akthanos speaks to Zephyrions who reprimands him for not coming sooner. He creates for Akthanos a mighty sceptre - the King's Law. In the Celestial Citadel, Ventus reprimands Zephyrion for giving such a powerful weapon to mortals. Zephyrion is at first angered, but is ultimately indifferent to Ventus' accusations. - Zephyrion: -10 Might to create divine weapon, the King's Law.

281 - Vowzra, the Bard, Amartía - Vowzra detects Sin and gets premonitions about him. He decides to send the Victors, who have been trained by the Bard over the eons and become quite fearsome, against him. They are teleported there and a battle ensues. Sin is captured and taken to Chronos, and his Six Illumi killed. - Vowzra: -4 Might to create Holy Order, Vowzra's Victors.

282 - Majus, Minus - Chronologically AFTER STAND. A series of communications between Majus and Minus about Lazarus and Minus' stealthy stalking operations. Minus disguises himself as one of the Rovaick Lazarus persuaded to join him.

283 - Minus, Lazarus, Mesara, Furem - Lazarus' exploration of the Gap backfires and Minus steps in to save him. The pain is so great that he opens up the link between himself and Mesara-Furem, burdening them with the pain. Minus questions him on why he delved into the Gap. Lazarus reveals that he sought power in order to protect himself and his experiments. Minus tells him that he will protect him, in return Lazarus must search for the Codex of Creation. Mesara and Furem, meanwhile, collapse on the ground beneath the horrific pain. - No Might.

284 - Fate & Amul'Sharar, Zephyrion, Vowzra, the Bard - Zephyrion is banished for his breaking of the laws of the unviverse by creating djinnis. He is banished to Chronos where, after noting the Sin is imprisoned inside the Cube, he engages in talks and petty games with the Bard, who attempts to get him to open up use the time he has been given productively. Eventually, he gives up on the stubborn Zephyrion. It becomes apparent that Chronos is now more populated - Lifprasillians, Pronobii, humans, ogres, and others, now call it home. Zephyrion travels far into the Chronos spaces and creates his own planet. - Zephyrions: -1 Might to create a planet. The Bard: -5 Might to level up to level 4.

285 - Susa, Lakshmi, Chroma - The Parade moves towards Barbahar. They were tasked by the Fibreslay chief of exporting their tribal Fibreslay play. Chroma is excited at the prospect of playing the hero, Susa far less so about playing the fiberling. She nevertheless does, even if badly. Sally then explores some caves in the area which are apparently of strategic and artistic significance. Chroma stalks him as he draws in one of the caves. She then bumps into Susa and has a small talk with her. Chroma reveals she is from another world. Susa is spooked. - No Might.

286 - Ull'Yang, Luna - With their tour over, Ull'Yang and Luna sit and speak. Luna sadly notes that there are no intelligent creatures in Cygnea. Feigning anger, Ull'Yang reveals that this had been his intention as soon as Luna had become familiar with Cygnea. Using lizards as a base, Ull'Yang creates dragons. Twenty are created in total. - Ull'Yang: -1 Might to create dragons, -1 Free Point to instill hereditary knowledge in all Dov that they can come to Ull'Yang to seek advice when in dire need.

287 - Teknall, Conata, Kinesis - Teknall take his children on a world tour. They see: the Fractal Sea and Jvan, 'the engineer of flesh'. Conata is at peace with this idea, but Kinesis is rather unsettled. They see the Sparkling Sea and Teknall tells them of the haughty but amicable Zephyrion. They see the Firewind and the beginnings of civilisation there. They see the Venomweald and Teknall warns them about it. Conata takes heed, but Kinesis appears intrigued. They see the ogres living not too far from the Venomweald. They see the Changing Planes and Teknall talks of the evil Vestec. The girls are surprised and saddened to learn of evil gods existing. They see Grot's massive lake-sized footsteps. They see the Deepwoods and are told about the tragic Slough. They explore the woods for some time. They see the brush beasts in the Gilt Savannah. They see there a hain village and Toun is mentioned. Kinesis senses the slightet disapproval towards Toun in Teknall's voice. They see the Darkened Spires, created by the vanished Julkolfyr. They see the moons and mention is made of Vulamera and how she gifted each one to a god - such as Kyre the good man. Mention is made of Vestec's destruction of Lex, the inflexible Logos' moon, and Vowzra's intervention. They see the White Ocean and Cornerstone, and are told about the unattainable nature of Toun's perfectionist tendencies. Teknall proudly shows them the Ironheart Ranges. They see Mount Bormahven and are told about the honourable and true Ull'Yang and Yang'Ze. They see the Hilt. They see the Valley of Peace and are told about the kind, caring, but overzealous Niciel. Teknall notices some things in the north and reports them to the girls, and tells them about the mysterious, Logos-like Vowzra. They don't like him much. They see the Angels. Thye see humans. They see the Urtelem, created to counteract things like Ashlings. They see clashing storm djinnis. They see Xerxes, and Teknall is surprised but its existence, and indignant at not being involved in building it. He senses Sin also. They visit Shalanoir and are told about Phantasmagoria. They see a tribe of Quara Korala. They see Alefpria and are told about the Lifprasillians and the peculiar, ambitious, but benevolent and noble Lifprasil. They visit a Rovaick settlement in the southern Ironheart Ranges. It appears that they are here so Conata can teach the Rovaick metal making. She gets overexcited and scares everyone away. They come back after a bit. She makes a metal hammer for them and they get excited. Conata makes hammers for them all! Teknall comes back and tells Conata that she needs to teach, not just make. Eventually, Teknall takes Conata to a tedar family, Choukkud and Wutni, with whom Conata is to stay. The purpose of this, it appears, is to learn kindness. Both Kinesis and Teknall are clearly distraught at this separation, but they face it bravely nevertheless. Awakening in the morning, Conata has only the vaguest memory of the previous day - she greets Choukkud as her father. - No Might.

288 - Allure, Lifprasil - Allure dances with his naginata. He thinks of the futility of it all. Lifprasil comes along and asks Allure if he loves Alefpria and would give his life for it. Allure says he loves beauty and would run away if faced with impossible odds. He would die only for beauty. Lifprasil reveals that Notte is cursed and cannot love Allure, but offers to lift the curse if Allure would teach his soldiers how to use the naginata. - No Might.

289 - Jvan, Urtelem and Hain NPCs, Flux, Yulosi - Nimble teaches the Urtelem about the calendar on the Purple Sands. They separate. Joy, an Urtelem, explores a lensling grove. It is located near some calendar stones. It is revealed that the Urtelem have developed a written langauge. Jorn is, to his dismay, brought back into undeath. He learns of Urtelem 'helping the dead to dream again'. He decides to seek them out. Help, the Sculptor-tedar, assists Jorn in his lensling implantation as he is taken in by an Urtelem herd. Flux and Yulosi discover an Urtelem-built bridge and send a vampire to investigate up ahead. They are suspicious of what would drive Urtelem to build. A wandering herd of Urtelem settles down near a hain village which has its own Urtelem herd. Information is exchanged and a lensling - likely Jorn - falls asleep nearby. The Urtelem are more organised and build things of no use to them but useful to others. The old herd eventually wanders away, while the new herd remains by the hain village. Decades later, Urtelem celebrate a new year. It is slightly dedicated to Jvan. - Jvan: -1 Free Point to create the Spiral Script, -1 Free Point for Urtelem adoption of calendar system, -1 Free Point to teach Urtelem how to cultivate lens groves, -1 Free Point to give advanced navigation to the Urtelem.

290 - Jvan, Vowzra, Zephyrion - Waxing powerful, Jvan heads lifts herself from her crater and collides into the Solitary Mount. She kills an uncooperative Guardian of the Gate and seizes control of the Gate itself. Part of her enters Chronos, and she speaks to Vowzra for long. Vowzra grants her some of his 'Sight' that she may see truly, and after a brief tour into her memories her divine 'scent' is laced with Vowzra's. Her remains optimistic that she will develop into something better with Time. Unexpectedly, Jvan does not target Vowzra but his plane, opening the Gap portal and unleashing destruction onto it. Vowzra is shocked and angered by this. Jvan claims Chronos as hers. The two gods clash.Jvan detects Zephyrion and is worried about him. It appears he has been busy creating, and eventually manages to escape Chronos' destruction. Vowzra demands Jvan not harm Chronos. Jvan gives vague promises before escaping after launching Vowzra at the Gap, Vowzra accepts his Fate and chooses to personally slow the advance of the Gap into Chronos. After a struggle, he succumbs. Jvan saves much of Chronos, risking herself in the process. In the Galbarian north, New Chronos manifests itself and a new Gate appears beneath Old Bark-Skin. Jvan returns to her crater and is so reduced in size that she sinks beneath the waves. - Jvan: -6 Might to level up to level 5, -1 Might for Jvan to levitate, -1 Might to seize control of the Gate, -1 Might to shatter open Chronos' Gap portal, -1 Free Point toisolate parts of Chronos and to bring it into the Universe, -1 Might to close the Gap portal. Vowzra: -1 Might to grant Jvan some of his own Sight and leave vestiges of his 'scent' within her. Zephyrion: -1 Might to create sentient avian race, -25 Might to create sun-like holy site, -1 Might to gain access to his primordial personal plane, -1 Might to dive through the scorching plane to safety elsewhere in the universe.

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291 - Turn 8.

292 - Toun - Toun is angry and tracks down Vowzra. He ignores signals from both Zephyrion and Jvan. Coming upon the destruction left behind by the clash of Jvan and Vowzra, he enters Chronos. Thinking Vowzra is still alive, he prepares to wreak vengeance on the god of Time. Discovering Vowzra's death, Toun is conflicted, but ultimately sad. He contacts all the gods and bids them convene. He creates the Oath of Stilldeath, a promise between gods to nevermore kill one another. As he waits on the others to come, he finds the Cube and it provides a distraction from his thoughts and sadness. He ignores the nearby Bard. - Toun: -1 Might to contact all the gods, -15 Might to create the Oath of Stilldeath [Calligraphy Domain adds approx. 5 Might more].

293 - Lifprasil - The demigod sits in silent contemplation, in a dreamlike state, thinkng of all that had come to pass. As he meditates, Toun's voice reaches him and he is somewhat saddened. He sends a prod back in response to Toun before composing himself and going to see what Allure is up to.

294 - Teknall - Teknall reflects. He reflects on the Aimless Time, Jvan and Vestec's scuffle, Niciel's attempt to heal Slough, and Vowzra's meddlesome ways. He reflects on the birth of Lazarus and notes Vowzra's presence there as well as Sin's. He takes the Gap-cup which held the Gap-soul and incases it in lead for future study. He reflects on feeling Reathos' death, and is saddened by it. He believes Reathos was ultimately a 'good and professional' god. Heis surprised that the Universe is not as affected by Reathos' death as it was by Slough's and investigates. He discovers that Reathos has cleverly created a self-sustaining system using a Wraith Stone. Teknall repairs its guardian. He reflects on the vial of magic Astarte gave him, and on the need to discern the fundamental components of objects - for which he would need the Codex of Creation. He tracked down Vulamera to Cogitare and discovered the scene of her 'death'. He meditates there and comes to the conclusion that Vowzra did not kill Vulamera. He decides to talk with the god of Time. He reflects on Zephyrion's disappearance - it had an air of judgement about it. He reflects on how Jvan got to Vowzra before him, destroying the Solitary Mount. He sensed Vowzra's death and saw Jvan bring New Chronos into the Universe, separatd from it by a barrier of hyperbolic space. He regrets not talking to Jvan sooner, but concludes that nothing he could have done would have prevented this eventuality. While Vowzra was conceited and self-important, the death of so many gods still makes Teknall sad, and this makes getting the answers he seeks harder. At the Oath of Stilldeath, Teknall weeps. He signs and strengthens the Oath. He goes to toun and the Cube and realises all the answer lie in the Cube - if it could be deciphered. He notes the presence of the Bard, as well as that of Sin within the Cube. - Teknall: -3 Might to strengthen the Oath of Stilldeath [would now take approx. 25 Might to break].

295 - Astarte, Brown - A depressed Astarte, hiding in a cave, is bullied by Brown into going and signing the Oath of Stilldeath. She goes reluctantly and realises that she will die. It depresses her tremendously. She signs the Oath, but not in a way detectable to any human, it is not physical. She also imbues the Oath with a certain degree of desperation and helplessness - a secret cry for help. She enters Chronos and sits alone. - No Might.

296 - Niciel, Falas, Loth, Lifprasil - Backtrack to after the Grot bbattle, Falas contemplates how best to thank Lifprasil, when Loth returns. Lifprasil meets with Niciel. He offers friendship and access for his people to the Valley. Niciel accepts but suggests he confirm with Falas. Lifprasil speaks with Falas, who is somewhat surprised at Lifprasil touching her, when Loth introduces himself. They talk about Lifprasil's origins when Falas gets the conversation back on topic. Lifprasil offers an alliance. Falas accepts. - No Might.

297 - Ommok - The great ogre feasts on a deer he fells with his sling. He sees smoke in the disance and thinks it's a fire djinni. He avoids it. He crosses a hain and notes its bow. He follows it and realises the fire djinn is no dire djinn but a hain settlement - they have harvested fire! The villagers attack him with their bows, but do no damage. They realise he means no harm and he dwells with them for a while, learning what he can, before leaving to continue his journey. Hain villages in the region grow to expect him and he stays with a few as he continues his journey. Eventually he enters Vetruvian territory. He stays with them longer but eventually journeys across the Firewind. It is difficult, and he eventually reaches the resort. He crosses the Changing Planes and eventually comes to the Deepwoods. He arrives at the clearing where Astarte's stone had been shattered, and he notes the massive trees - it confuses him that the ones that were destroyed had so quickly grown back into these monumental things again. He is further confused to find only one Astartian rock of significant size left - when he remembered there being many. He takes the rock and, after days of contemplation, sets off home.

298 - Ull'Yang, Luna - Ull'Yang now lives in the upturned inside of a mountain peak. Luna returns from hunting and questions him about the other gods. Ull'Yang realises that Cyngea's barrier has been preventing other gods and his avatar from contacting him. He fixes the issue and is flooded with information. The deaths of his siblings affects him very badly. He is conflicted and saddened, burdened by this development and angry towards the Primordials. But rather than breakdown, Ull'Yang laughs. Ull'Yang then goes through a very painful process of refining his core so as to give him freedom of movement. This inadvertently brings forward his supernova stage. Creating the golems Mundo and Odnum to protect Cygnea, he and Luna then leave for Galbar. Weeping before the Oath of Stilldeath, he enters Chronos without signing it. Entering it, Ull'Yang is surprised at the difference in time flow within Chronos and declares that he misjudged Vowzra and would endeavour to finish what the god of Time had started. He sends Luna away and avoids the others. Then, his fifth cycle begins and he retracts into his core, which dims and enters a nearby boulder. - Ull'Yang: -2 Might to create Mundo and Odnum, -6 Might to level up to level 5, -30 Might to refine his core and gain free movement, -1 Might to induce a supernova.

299 - Toun - Toun continues inspecting the Cube to distract from his misery. He is annoyed at Chronos' time warping. When Teknall arrives (at long last), Toun reacts with hollowly to the news of more deaths. He thinks the Cube is useless, another cruel game of Vowzra's. He thinks Lifprasil's prod is Vestec playing at being Vulamera and ignores it. He is surprised when Teknall notes that Sin is within the Cube, and embarrased for not noticing. He waves the Cube aside as nothing but a prison and moves away. His eyes fall on Astarte and he lashes out against her with cruel words. - No Might.

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300 - Vestec - Vestec is grounded by the momentary chaos caused in the Universe by Vowzra's death. He is surprised to learn of Vulamera's death, but does not belive Vowzra killed her. He discovers that the Venomweald Writh is dead and is crestfallen. He goes to Chronos and gives Toun and Teknall a telling off, and reprimands them for ignoring Jvan's actions. He explains why and how Reathos died. He pledges to sign the Oath of Stilldeath once the others have. That done, he extends a hand to Astarte and tells her to come have fun exploring with him. - No Might.

301 - Logos, Elysium - Looking into the Waters of Nyneve, Logos sees an apparition - Vowzra. The apparition is silent and Logos saddened greatly to learn of Vowzra's demise. They stand one beside the other for a while, until Logos rises from the pool. He meets with Elysium and they agree to visit the village Elysium visited last. They converse and he asks if she thinks he is perfect. She says no. He asks if she fears him - he can unmake her. She is uncertain. She tells him to ask for help if he needs it. He lies, answering in the affirmative. Elysium visits the village and finds the boy again. He is ill and weak, and it is clear he and his vilage will perish. She warms him and heals him, and he begs her to save the village. Logos asks her what her choice will be - would she maintain her distance with him or choose the humans. She chooses the humans. Logos approves, telling her she now understands her position in his Natural Order. She wamrs the village and makes it bloom. The villagers praise her and bow. Knowing now is the time to strike, now that Vowzra is dead, he reforges his sword, Singularity, and calls forth one third of his Realta in preparation for the coming slaughter. - Logos: -26 Might to level up to level 7, -10 Might to reforge Singularity, -1 Might to create an Avatar to watch over Elysium, -1 Might to open Ilunabar's Galbar-Arcon portal.

302 - Astarte - Just before she can response, Vestec comes and speaks for Astarte. It makes her feel even worse about herself. She does not take Vestec's outstretched hand, but decides to go with him anyway - if only to get away from Brown for a while. - No Might.

303 - Brown, Belvast - Brown is on the prowl. She scares a travelling boy, and demands to know if she's on the way to the Valley of Peace. He confirms she is and she disappears before he can ask for water. He finds she left him a bowl of water as he continues his journey. She finds Belvast in a pub with his loot. She smashes a plate on a courageous lecher's head as she heads for Belvast. She says she needs his help and they go off to a cave. She tells him she needs advice on how to cheer Astarte up - and as Belvast was a lover of travel (like Astarte was), he would know. She reveals that Vowzra died. Belvast breaks down. Brown throws him a ball of yarn to calm him down. He grabs it, but keeps sobbing. Brown hugs him and that helps, some two days later, to calm Belvast down. She then reveals that Astarte is said due to Sin kidnapping Big, and that they don't know where Big is. He promises to help. Brown smothers him, giving in to her Astartian urges. They ponder how best to cheer up Astarte, and Belvast reveals his book of pressed flowers. He gifts it to Brown, and she is very pleased. As she leaves, she tells Belvast to call on her if he ever needs anything. - Brown: -1 Free Point to teleport from the cave.

304 - Teknall - Teknall pulls Toun away from Astarte and reprimands him for his insensitivity. He does not respond to Vestec's accusations, but acknowledges the truth in them. He also does not reject Vestec's version of what happened with Reathos, reasoning that it makes sense and that, either way, the Cube will reveal all. Once they could translate it. - No Might.

305 - Heartworm - Completing its exploration of the Submaterium, Heartworm arrives at Mammon's throne room - it is empty, as Vestec beat it there. It pledges to take up Mammon's role. Heartworm has built a new vessel for itself. Within it, it travels to Mirus. It claims it for its own. In Mirus, a new Submaterium emerges, connected to the one on Galbar. It is occupied by strange, very resilient, wyrms. They appear to have been created (or modified) by Heartworm. This place is its new labaratory. With Zephyrion banished, it appears that Jvan plans the final victory of her space-dwelling change-eaters against the djinnis. Heartworm is uninterested. It visits Vetros and experiments horrifically on some of its unwilling citizens. It leaves a gruesome mural and a shattered but yet living guard in the Vetros square for all to see when the sun rises. Heartworm takes note of Toun's oath - no killing. For Jvan and it, that was perfectly reasonable. They did not kill after all. Anything short of it, but killing was an abnormality. Vowzra's death means one threat is gone - even if potential samples also are. Moreover, Jvan's weakness means it is now virtually free. It follows Toun's trail to Cogitare and discovers Vakarlon. He reveals to Heartworm his story and that Serandor is within him. Heartworm offers to destroy Vakarlon's mind - wherein is Serandor - while preserving Vakarlon's physical manifestation. The two, it is implied, leave for Mirus. - No Might.

306 - Lazarus, Minus - Lazarus is somewhat maddened. Is worried about his weakness and is paranoid. Decides he cannot trust anyone but himself, but is lonely, and so needs to split his soul so that there is someone else he can trust completely and who will keep him company. He calls out to Minus. He demands a new body and gives his specifications - it is to be a combination of flesh and robotics. What Minus creates is a strange, mechanical, bird-like creature. It is biologically female. Lazarus' soul is transferred into its new vessel and the old body is taken away by Minus. - Toun: -1 Free Point to create new body. Lazarus: -4 Might to level up.

307 - Gerrick Far-Teacher - Chronologically after the village battle. Gerrick travels learning and teaching. He teaches Wind Striker's arts of war. He heads for places he saw during the Phantasmagoria. He heads for Grinder's village, the greedy bread-maker, and soon receives an invitation to the hain's home. He converses with the greedy hain and eventually asks for the secret of breadmaking. Grinder refuses to give it, and Gerrik censures him before departing. He takes with him the secrets of breadmaking, having discovered it through his perception. He spreads it far and wide. - Gerrick: -2 Khookies to teach arts of war, -2 Khookies to spread Phantasmagoria knowledge, -2 Khookies to learn and teach breadmaking.

308 - Lakshmi, Susa, Chroma - The First Parade continues its journey, this time battling through thick jungle. Chroma's fighting style and lack of mercy scares and worries Sally. They soon arrive at the village called Susa - named after the huntress. They idolise her there, and to her discomfort a highly militaries 'guild' of sorts called the Hunters has been formed there in her honour. Susa wishes to change the conformist ways of the locals, and Sally needs to teach them mapmaking. They don't take up mapmaking as well as Sally wished. He goes to talk to Susa, but she promises to talk with him after showing Lakshmi and Chroma a pond. - Chroma: -28 Khookies to level up to level 6. Susa: -11 Khookies to level up to level 4, -10 to establish holy order the Wanderers in Susa. Lakshmi: ?

309 - Toun - Toun catches himself just as he is about to strike Teknall. Embarrassed, he considers maintaining his fury just to save face. Vestec saves him from having to make that choice by showing up and taunting. Ignoring Vestec for the most part, he goes to check the Oath of Stilldeath for Astarte's signature. He notes Ull'Yang's presence but does not disturb him. He sees Astarte has signed, and that Ull'Yang has not. He apologises to Astarte before turning on Vestec and tellng him to 'ebb'. - No Might.

310 - Slough - The Mahd gushes with new found and even greater life than before as Slough journeys down it. Soon, travelling from the Mahd, she finds Esau once more. For the first time, Slough speaks, showing signs of sentience following her resurrection in Vowzra's coccoon. Esau follows her. Slough collects more souls: the brave soul of a malevolent maiden, the proud soul of a crystalline dragon, the brave soul of a skybound sympathizer, the vast soul of a starlight scientist, the brave soul of a charismatic warhound. One of the graves, however, is already empty. This angers Slough and she says that what is the 'Great One's' must return to him. They journey to the sea where Esau is told to stay on land. Slough leaps and her body is shattered, but reforms swiftly. She dives into the sea, and ignores - even scorns - Toun's message. It is clear she will not sign the Oath of Stilldeath. She comes face to face with a giant monstrosity - her first Mistake. It appears that her new body, unlike the old, is destructible. - Slough: -1 Free Point to restore Esau, -1 Free Point to recover the souls near the Deadwood Sepulchre, -1 Might to improve cognitive and communicative abilities, -1 Might to manifest ultra-fast regeneration.

311 - Logos - What appear to be stars descend from the heavens. The Realta invasion has begun, and the Amestrian city of Talos disintegrates before Realta plasma fire. The Realta burn and destroy, seeking out Jvan's creations. Logos watches coldly from outer space. He lands in the Firewind. A Sculptor attacks him with an ivory knife. He comes to the ash-strewn Mahd. The Sculptor continues its crazed attack and is vapourised. He plants a crystal flower, the Acalya. It multiplies and swiftly grows. It releases its spores and begins its deadly spread. - Logos: -2 Might to quicken the spread of the Acalya.

312 - Niciel - The Angels pray after the battle and Niciel realises she has great potential. Wishing to aid Galbar, she creates Whiteberry Bushes, the Spring of Health, and the Spirit Doves. Then her inspiration fizzles and she realises she has limited imagination. She sends out her wisps to gather things so as to inspire her. Toun's message reaches her. She is saddened at Vulamera's death, less so at Vowzra's. She journeys to the Oath of Stilldeath where she tells everyone not to fight. Then she senses Logos. - Niciel: -2 Might to create Whiteberry Bushes, the Spring of Health, and the Spirit Doves.

313 - Teknall - Teknall, as everyone leaves, decides to approach the Bard. He asks him if he can read the Cube for him, but the Bard responds by reprimanding Teknall for not taking heed before Vowzra was murdered. Teknall attempts using verse to sway the Bard, but is ultimately unsuccessful. The Bard informs him that the Cube is for higher purposes; if he simply wanted information about Vulamera and the Codex he could go to Lifprasil. Satisifed, Teknall departs. - No Might.

314 - Vestec, Ilunabar, Maeus - Ilunabar has a premonition about Logos due to Vowzra's contributions to Raka, and decides she needs to protect herself. Harvesting aurora ice and dreams, eldritch fruits from Julia Island, Raka dreams, and her own blood, she creates an inebriating drink to trap Logos. Vestec arrives and drinks it, then reveals that Julkolfyr is trapped in his Realm of Darkness. After talking, they decide to head to the Darkened Spires which, it transpires, are infested by Julkolfyr's creations. Ilunabar commands Notte to clear the place out and claims it hers. She shows Vestec her Dreamweaver and offers him the chance to play it. He plays it rather well. The barrier between Raka and Reality melts somewhat as he plays causing oddities. When Ilunabar takes a proper look at Vestec, she realises that the drink has impregnated him. He decides to gather all technologies and spreads them to all sentient beings on Galbar - metal making, horse riding, leather armour, weapon making, arts of war, bread making and so on. Maeus is then born. Vestec then awakens from his drunken state and realises what happened. Maeus wants drink and is rather grumpy until Notte brings him a few bottles. He downs them. They then detect Logos and very swiftly make a run for it. - No Might (?).

315 - Vizier Ventus, Luna, Elemental NPCs - Luna appears on Galbar. She is at first anxious due to not being near Ull'Yang, but the message he left in her mind calms her down. She walks away from the North in obedience to his command not to enter or near the Gate Unguarded. Cyclonis, a wind djinni, notices her and follows her with his minions. Luna continues towards the Ironheart Ranges, though she feels she is being followed. Cyclonis soon introduces himself and they converse. They inform her of Zephyrion's banishment and wanr her about Jvan. They have not, to Luna's indignation, heard of Ull'Yang. They tell her Jvan is the one who killed Vowzra, and tell her of Murmur and Basheer's anti-Jvanic crusade. She learns of Vizier Ventus and demands to meet him on the basis that she can secure Ull'Yang's support for the djinnis against Jvan. Meeting Ventus, they converse tensely for a while. She tells him of the Oath of Silldeath, but does not tell him about her quest to find the Sunderer. Ventus refuses to help her due to her lack of frankness, and eventually puts her down in the fertile Mahd river valley. He orders a Skylord to follow her.

316 - Vowzra's Victors NPCs - Morarom Oramomaro sits upon a rock and tells the inhabitants of New Chronos the tale of the Cherry Tree. 

317 - Teknall, Goliath - Teknall is shocked at the terrible descent of the Realta. Retreating with Goliath to his workshop, he prepares for war. He reforges his hammer and creates Mirror Armour for himself and Goliath. He arms Goliath and himself with railguns. Returning to Galbar, whose inhabitants are being ravaged by the Realta, Teknall and Goliath set to work. They work at lightning speed. A Realta is blown apart and Teknall disappears. Reappearing near a hain village whose inhabitants and mural structures are being indiscriminately destroyed by a Realta, Teknall destroys the creature. Elsewhere a Sculptor struggles for survival against a Realta, protected by Needle Fae. Teknall appears suddenly and disappears, leaving behind a crushed and broken Realta. On the shores of Amestris, the Sirenian Fiberlings are targetted by a Realta, which swiftly falls prey to Goliath. Its plasma blasts are deflected by the Mirror Armour. Destroyed, the Realta falls into the ocean. A Rovaick village under attack prays to Toun, Ilunabar, Vulamera, Teknall, Belruarc, Astarte, Mammon, and even Vestec for help. Teknall responds. - Teknall: -1 Might to create two Railguns for Goliath, -2 Might to create Mirror Armour for Goliath, -1 Might to upgrade Goliath's jetpack and aerodynamics, -2 Might to create Railgun for Teknall, -2 Might to create Mirror Armour for Teknall, -1 Might to reforge the adamantine maul.

318 - Heartworm, Tauga - Help watches in horror as the Realta attack, looking for Nimble. Tauga is with here and is in a strange state. Heartworm arrives, offering safety. Tauga refuses at first but appears to change her mind. Heartworm gathers some Urtelem, Flickers, and the Angel who befriended Violet, creating from them the Bludgeons. Help, now in the Mirus Submaterium, carries a weak Tauga. Tauga later reappears on Galbar, much changed. She has undergone modification, becoming a Hero. Above her are Bludgeons, in her hand a sword, and some kind of strange Jvanic flying suit surrounds her. She cannot feel much anymore. Her family, it appears, are dead. She can ride the Bludgeons. A Realta appears and targets her. The fight begins. - Heartworm: -3 Might to create twenty Bludgeons, -1 Might to create Tauga into a Hero.

319 [cf. 323] - Amartía - Sin escapes the Cube - it is unclear, but it appears that he destroys it. He finds a cave within which are spiders. [Per 323, everything from this point is a dream]. They attack him and a battle ensues. He kills their queen and takes control over them before leaving. Finding some Vowzra's Victors, he takes control over a few hundred of them before leaving Chronos altogether. The ease of it all confuses him. He finds himself in a white wilderness. He feels something has 'defiantly' changed. - No Might.

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320 - Conata, Majus - Conata's time to sign the Oath of Sularn has come. Choukkud talks with another tedar who notes that Conata is not human is is likely not accepted by the others. Choukkud insists she is. Time passes. Conata and some goblins burn clay to make the forge's fire hotter. Some trolls bully and mock her. Time passes. Her goblin frinds, Olub and Bogg, bring her White Giant bone - called alum nayam in the hain tongue. When they leave, Conata is sad. Many of her goblin friends have died or gotten married. She knows she is neither Rovaick nor human, hated and despised by all. Wutni comforts her. Time passes. She is now fourteen. She meets the azibo siblings Ruvac and Polia, and their friend Gio. They are magic scholars. Conata shows them to the Ritual Chamber. A friendship appears to bloom. Times passes. Working on a spear to help a tedar family, Conata is approached by Choukkud. Her can tell she is troubled. She asks where is truly from. She tells him of a dream she is having constantly wherein she is young and flying with two others. The dreams feels like home, but when she awakens she cannot remember the faces of the other two. Choukkud tells her and to keep him and Wutni informed about the dreams. He notes that she is making the spear out of kindness, and prmises to tell her the truth when she becomes seventeen. A year passes. Conata sits talking with Polia about travelling. They see some shooting stars. They are not shooting stars. The things destroy a hain village. One heads towards the girls and the Rovaick settlement. The goblins think the world is ending. Everyone runs for the safety of the cave as the Rovaick guards try to protect everyone. It is futile. Everything burns. A Reakta enters the cave and is about to attack Conata. Conata realises it has metal wings. She causes them to bend around it, but the Realta rips through them and prepares to attack again. A giant being saves Conata. It identifies itself as Majus. It reveals to her that she is a demigoddess and that he and her father have destroyed the other Realta. Walking behind Majus, she sees the survivors. It is horrific. Olub lies dead in Bogg's arms. She weeps in Choukkud and Wutni's arms. - No Might.

321 - Lifprasil, Belvast, Falas, Loth - Lifprasil returns to Alefpria with his soldiers, and with Angels. Falas is amazed, as too are the other Angels. The parade through the city, Lifprasil on Oevadia. Falas and the other Angels are staying with Lifprasil in the palace. Elsewhere, Oevadia had been released and was patrolling. Three Realta attack it, and it escapes back to Alefpria, dragging what was now eight Realta behind it. Spotting this oddity, Alefpria's guards inform their commander, Pingertian, and he gives swift orders to gather troops. Pingertian attempts to speak to the Realta, but they attack and ravage his troops. Decimated and on the verge of defeat, the remaining soldiers are saved by a portal opening and dragging them away. A smaller portal opens behind one of the Realta and an arrow is shot into its neck at extreme velocity. Getting the soldiers to safety, Belvast decides it is time to test his sword practice on the Realta, and attacks. Gestun, an officer, and two others are sent by Pingertian to help him. The Realta have wreaked havoc in Alefpria by this point. Falas, Loth, and Lifprasil arrive. With the Realta destroyed, Lifprasil realises he needs more powerful soldiers. Belvast meanwhile notes that the Sertzstone had warned him of the approaching Realta. He thinks it is time to visit his father's grave. Jvan, Vestec, Astarte, Niciel, and Ilunabar are called upon to help create Alefpria's new soldiers. - No Might.

322 - Heartworm, Vestec, Vakarlon - Heartworm observes the Diaphanes and the Arks. They would soon be numerous enough to be unleashed on Galbar's djinnis. Heartworm attack Father Dominus and harvests some of its tissues. The attack inadvertently saves some djinnis, it appears. Next it manages to harvest tissues from Mother Suprema also, and its Sweetheart crew, before making an extremely swift and lucky escape through a temporary portal. Later, Vestec 'finds' Heartworm. It transpires that Heartworm had signalled him. Vestec offers to protect Heartworm from the Realta and Logos. Heartworm makes him swear by Amul'Sharar to protect Heartworm, its creations, and its labratory. Heartworm attempts to get him to tell it of Mammon's location also, but he demands payment: Arcon's location. Heartworm, though regretful, agrees to this. Vestec then shows Heartworm the Realm of Madness and it praises what Mammon has created - Vestec points out that the place is his creation. A reluctant Heartworm then reveals the location of Arcon. The location of Heartworm's labratory is also shown to Vestec, and he is given a piece of wood so he can track Heartworm whenever needed. Heartworm then goes through some sacrifice rituals, wherein it sacrifices the vessel created for itself earlier. A demon is summoned which it then takes with it to Mirus. It becomes apparent that all previous activity in the labratory was geared towards the ultimate goal of creating arksynth -  a substance that can be manipulated by mortals to produce organic materials and devices at about the same rate that conventional technology can be advanced, given the same level of time and resources. Vakarlon attempts to contribute, but realises that he is nothing but a resource to Heartworm. He settles for silently adjusting and tweaking things more to his liking. Ninety-seven Sculptors, mental link with Jvan severed, work in the labratory, along with four hundred Sweethearts. Achieving unpredictability appears to be a goal for Heartworm, and the Sculptors are given increasing, then complete, experimental freedom. Examples of things created include a prosthetic shoulder for miners whose arms had been stunted by childhood labour. Vakarlon leave some final requests before being fused wiht the arksynth. Serandor unsuccessfully attempts and escape, and the fusion is complete. Vakarlon is no more. He is the ghost in the machine. - Heartworm: -1 Might to increase Concealment, -1 Free Point to communicate with the Realm of Madness, -1 Might to fuse Vakarlon with the arksynth. Vestec: -1 Might to pledge to protect Heartworm.

323 [cf. 319] - Vowzra's Victors NPCs - The tale of Sin's escape from Chronos. It transpires that he was knocked unconscious by Chronos itself for attempting to attack the spider queen. Thirty spiders carry him away, but are changed by being so close to him. Some Victors, angry at Vowzra's death, seek to strike out against Jvan. Mora refuses to grant their wish and, eventually, they follow Sin in the hopes of gaining the chance to do so. - No Might.

323 - Luna, Ommok - The djinnis drop Luna in the Firewind desert, near the Mahd. A Rukban warband attempts to capture her. Luna scares them off by transforming into something akin to a werewolf - more than she already is. She journeys out of the Firetooth and detects Yang'Ze's weapon in the Venomweald, which she then begins tracking down. Ommok is also tracking it down. Ommok arrives at the cave first and finds himself too large to get all the way inside. When Luna arrives, he knocks her unconscious and, assaulting her mind, forces her to go into the cave's bowels so as to retrieve Sunderer. Synnefos, a wind elemental, had been tracking Luna. It fled to tell Ventus when Luna was knocked out. Luna eventually gets to where a dormant Yang'Ze is, Sunderer floating up above him. Ommok is disappointed and makes her hit the sleeping demigod. She does. - No Khookies spent.

324 - Gerrick, Susa, the Grand Parade - Gerrick gathers information on 'fiberheads' from fellow hain. He travels to the village of Susa. On arrival, he asks to see Susa. He meets Susa and others members of the Grand Parade. Susa teaches him how to make leather. In return, he shows Susa and the others how to make bread. He learns more about the Grand Parade and Lakshmi tells him about Lifrapsillians and Alefpria. Intrigued by her clothes, he resolves to visit Alefpria some day. The next day, Gerrik departs for Fiberslay. - No Might or Khookies spent.

325 - Amartia, NPC Corrupted Victors - Amartia continues his journey with his Victors and Spiders. The Victors appear weakened and hungry. He allows them to hunt and eat and walks off to think. He comes upon a human settlement. He makes a red serpent - 'The Serpent of the Void', 'The Solver' - and sends it into the village. It enters a hut and finds an angry man. It calms him down and speaks to him about his problems: he is an adventurer and his wife is not; he desires a fellow adventurer but the village elders refuse to allow it. The serpent tells the man the story of the man who ate from the forbidden tree and became a god. The man is thus persuaded to commit adultery with this adventuress. This appears to be the first such case ever. - 1 MP to create the Solver, 4 MP to get to level 3.

326 - Tauga, Heartworm - Tauga fights her third Realta and defeats it after a fierce battle. She learns that the Enas is dead from a rather hostile tedar herder couple. They believe the 'Purifiers' had come to rid Xerxes of all things Jvanic and Sinful. At their insistence, Tauga leaves - but scares their herd. She then stays with a shamaness who gives her wine. Tauga appears resistent to alcohol. Tauga's Bludgeon gets a power-up when Heartworm pays her a visit. It gives her a vial of Arksynth and a Sweetheart and bids her go to Xerxes. Tauga laughs for long as she realises that she is nothing more than Heartworm's pawn in all of this. - Tauga: 2 Khookies to level up.

327 - Tobias, Mika - Enter Tobias, Amartia's unsuspecting firstborn son. He remembers little of his past. He lives in the Venomweald with a hermit called Mika. Tobias has an interesting sword he keeps hidden which Mika, it transpires, knows about. They journey to a waterfall and train there with wooden swords, but the weather eventually forces them to return home. - Nothing spent.

328 - Susa, Lakshmi, Chroma, the Grand Parade - The Grand Parade continue their journey and arrive in Vascogne lands. They meet Marel, the foremost trader of the Vascognes - something of a queen. Her children are spoilt, it seems. Sally talks a great deal about harmony and annoys Marel. Marel and Susa talk in a grotto and get along. Marel has enough of Sally's harmony talk and punches him. He gives her a crown with a jewel which has a spirit in it. It is to tutor all future Vascogne kings and keep them on the 'right' path. - Ilunabar: 1 MP spent to create Hero [that is, the jewel in the crown].

329 - Diana - The tale begins with Zilévo lying under the moon, her brother Ira nearby. They converse for a while and Ira is suddenly killed. Diana, daughter of Amartia, awakens. As she makes her way through Xerxes, she notes that people are now buried rather than cremated due to the need for firewood. The old bathhouse is now a crumbling wreck used as an orphanage. Her "target" - though it is unclear if she is hired by someone or is simply a vigilante - is a rich merchant, whose home she swiftly infiltrates. After putting down a dog in the cellars, she finds the merchant in his study. She threatens him and insists that if he wants to be safe in his own home he would have to use his wealth for the people. A bodyguard arrives and a fight ensues. With some difficulty, Diana kills him. Her point is made and, robbing the place, she departs. She leaves a package full of valuables at the orphanage. - Nothing spent.

330 - Oradin-Thulemiz, Bjorn - Oradin-Thulemiz appears to have matured somewhat and is in the process of interrogating an undead man named Bjorn. After a brief altercation in which Bjorn's mouth is destroyed, Oradin-Thulemiz informs Bjorn that he will be keeping him until he could purify him. Healing him, they set out to subjugate Pack-Minds and Treeminds. He subjugates some thirty Pack-Minds by defeating their Alpha and declares himself the Great-Wolf. - Nothing spent.

331 - Ventus, Ilunabar, Teknall - The Vizier Ventus arrives at the Celestial Citadel in time to see Zephyrion banished by Fate and Amul'Sharar. The Citadel is flooded by confused djinnis. Ventus arrives to this, finding also that Ilunabar has sealed herself in her part of the Citadel. She permits Ventus enter, however. It appears Ilunabar is packing her belongings and preparing to leave the Citadel. Teknall arrives in goblin form to press his claim to the Citadel against the so-called claim of the djinnis. A bitter dispute ensues until Ilunabar intervenes. They arrive, eventually, at a temporary arrangement to share the Citadel. - Nothing spent.

332 - Vowzra's Victors NPCs - Old Mora tells the tale of how the Treeminds came to leave their homeland for New Chronos. After being kidnapped by Vestec, who placed chaotic inclinations within them, they were returned home - but found that they were now prey to new beings: Pack-Minds. Their holy mountain, the Solitary Mount, was then blown to smithereens. After yet another shock, the Treeminds appear to have descended into chaos and civil strife. Eventually, the coming of a horrific darkness drove them out of their warring and feuding, caused them to unite, and finally flee to New Chronos where they were cleansed of Vestec's influences. Mora mentions that the bears from whom Treeminds are descended are the ones who fathered Vowzra and Belruarc. Mora then mentions that the darkness that caused them to flee appeared to have power over the Pack-Minds and, not only that, brought the dead to life and used it in the onslaught. Its name - Oradin-Thulemiz. He ends with a warning to the inhabitants of New Chronos: stay in New Chronos' safety, do not venture beyond where monsters lie. - Nothing spent.

333 - Amartia, Logos - Amartia and the Victors watch the growth crystalline forests. Amartia is delighted. He ignores a Victor's warning not to enter, breaking her arm and going in. He realises it was a mistake. Logos finds him. Logos lays it out to Amartia - he knows Amartia's ultimate goal, to rule - to destroy everything, consume the Primordials. But Logos has no intention of destroying Amartia, seeing him as a valuable asset. Logos offers Amartia an opportunity to serve him, a covenant. Accepting it, Amartia is transformed into a handsome, regal man. He 'feels like a god'. Logos promises him that if he is faithful, he may well allow him to consume one the true gods so as to truly become one. Logos then gives Amartia a stone which grants power over Logos' laws. Amartia and the people of Xerexes are thus claimed by Logos; their role to destroy Jvanic beings. - Logos: 2 MP to level Amartia up, 2 MP to create Logos' second Avatar, 1 MP to create Stone.

334 (1) - Vestec, Tez - Bolar, a tedar, has taken control of the Horde and Tez, having had his arm destroyed during the battle, awaits death. Vestec visits him and gives him a new, metallic arm and bids him go destroy this Bolar and regain control of the Horde. After doing so, he thinks up a way to make the Horde faster and more mobile - Heraktati-riding goblins! - 1 MP to create Tez's Arm of Discord.

334 (2) - Vestec, Lazarus - Lazarus calls upon Vestec. She requests that he make Tez and the Horde guard the mountains surrounding her location, and mentions she wishes to evolve the Rovaick in her grasp into something more 'useful'. Vestec expresses interest in her ideas, but informs her Tez would never hang about doing nothing. She tells him to inform Tez that, if he stays put, she'll supply him with a second army before long. Vestec tells her she'll have to deal with Tez on her own, but more or less creates the new race, dwarves, for her. To protect her, he floods the entire south pole and creates a couple of islands there, destroying what Pronobii were left (the only remaining ones were those that went North, likely a reference to those in New Chronos). The largest of these islands is Reathos' enlarged corpse. All Pronobii souls, along with the soul of Reathos' Avatar and the Wraith Stone, are placed within and bound to the Reathos mountain. Returning to Lazarus, she requests Vestec take her to Tez. - Vestec: 1 MP to create Dwarves, 10 MP to create Reathos mountain Holy Site, 1 Freepoint to bind various souls to the Reathos mountain.

335 - Vestec, Lazarus, Tez - Tez is teleported before Lazarus and Vestec and, after realising Lazarus' intentions and refusing to bend the knee, is killed. Vestec places his soul in the Arm of Discord. Lazarus takes the Arm. Vestec creates a couple of thousand more dwarves for Lazarus, who then goes to convince the Horde to remain in place and defend the mountain passes. - 1 Freepoint.

336 -