Mortalkind, or Mortals, is a group formed by a large variety of creatures and constructs. The clear definition of what composes mortalkind is unclear, a great many things have souls to them, including plants; Not all of what is considered mortalkind is able to reproduce or is Sloughic in nature; not all of mortalkind is aware of its mortality or is able to make its own decisions.

The one shared trait seems to be a vague similarity to humanoid motifs that exist ever since the earliest of gods. Within the beings that follow this, sub-groups are necessary to properly classify all of mortalkind.

Sloughic Life Edit

The largest, most common group of mortals, Sloughic Life is characterized by its following of Slough's Nature. Being created or not by Slough is irrelevant for this categorisation[1], as a quick comparison between a naturally born Quara Korala and a Human crafted from clay shows that they are very similar beings despite very dissimilar origins.

The characteristic of Sloughic Life is natural and unassisted reproduction, the presence of a soul and free will, and bodily constitution similar to other beings born from Slough.

List of Beings:

Demi-Beings Edit

Demi-Beings are not naturally born, but instead created from transformation, extreme exposition to a god's influence, or curses. They are similar to Sloughic Life, but due to their nature they cannot reproduce naturally and have their numbers replenished by some external force or by assimilation.

List of Beings (Proper):

List of Beings (Informal):

  • Chaotic Beings. Those influenced by chaos, such as Storm Djinn or any of the corrupted races.
  • Glamorized Beings. Those influenced by raw dreams.

Constructs Edit

Constructs are not naturally born, but unlike Demi-Beings, their creation is not based on conceptual actions but on rough crafting by the hands of another being. Typically, Constructs have limited numbers that will constantly diminish if some system of fabrication is not set up. The presence of a soul is not natural to a construct and many exist without one.

List of Beings:

Entities Edit

Entities are in many sense the exact opposite of a Construct, influencing the universe by manipulating matter with will, soul or magic, without a proper functional body.

List of Beings (proper):

List of Beings (informal):

  • Dream Entities, such as The Griffin
  • Ghosts

Footnotes Edit

  1. There are, however, numerous situations where the divine origins of the race are important, such as with White Giants.