To teach Meimu to appreciate others and search for inspiration, Ilunabar tasked her with designing a select number of flowers as gift to the other gods. This was done through the Ring of Blooming, a short lived relic which gave her the power to fulfill the quest.

Some of these flowers have fantastic qualities, others are just flowers that do exist in our world.

Unlike the typical Poppy, which is red or yellow, there are always white and blue, with extra "calming" effects.

Similar to normal Hogweed, except the Hain are immune to its toxicity due to their bones.

A flying Lily Pad with vines full of Fox Glove-like flowers that chime with the wind. Supposedly liked by elementals.

A fiery red sunflower that aims for Ull'Yang's star.

Similar to the real flower, native to cold areas.

Similar to the real plant.

Similar to the real plant.

A bright green variant, become oddly prophetic. As seen in its own article.

Similar to the real plant, which is a common component of energy drinks.

A carmine rose with iron thorns, made to survive in the Changing Plains.

A reversed Morning Glory, which holds energy all day, and then blooms in the night, with luminescent color.

Similar to the real plant.

A flower which blooms in different colors depending on the minerals of the area or the mood of the Urtelem.

Similar to the real tree.