Galbar is the planet where all the cool things happen.

Numbers Edit

Orbital characteristics Edit

Orbital eccentricity: 0.011

Orbital period: 366.23

Average orbital speed: 30 km/s (18.64 mi/s) (108,000 km/h (67,108 mph))

Planetary characteristics Edit

Mean radius: 6,400 km (3976.776 mi)

Circumference: 40,212.39 km (24,986.82 mi)

Surface area: 556,272,000 km2 (214,920,000 sq mi)

Surface temp: min ― -100 °C; max ― +70 °C

Moons of Galbar Edit

Galbar has currently has six moons and a ring. They were designed from a single moon, Unitas, by Vulamera, who first split it into eight.

Cogitare is a charcoal-black moon, where Vulamera lived and died. It's difficult to see against the night sky unless silhouetted by stars, dawn or dusk. Vetruvians call it Azmund, while Rukbans refer to it as Azmund-Y'Vahn. The Rukbans associate it with the wholly evil being, 'Y'Vahn', and it is believed to be where it dwells. Vetruvians associate it with the likewise evil force Azor'Inyu and believe it to be its abode.

Vigilate and Scitis are twin moons in the same orbit. The main source of moonlight, they shine white and look like eyes. They were claimed by Vulamera, for herself. Vetruvians refer to these two moons by one name, Ayzof. They believe that they are Zephyrion's Eyes.

Auricolor is a bright, faintly golden moon, full of useful and precious metal ores. It was given to Teknall. Vetruvians call this moon Mamoor.

Periditus is a very heavily cratered moon with tectonic scars. It was given to Kyre. Vetruvians call it Manzor, meaning 'Victor'.

Mirus is a moon with beautiful geometric valleys. It was given to Jvan, who promptly gave it back. Unknown to most, Jvan's rogue avatar Heartworm claimed it after Vulamera's death and connected it to the Submaterium, in which it built a vast subsurface laboratory. Vetruvians call this moon Ghurab, which means 'the Strange One'.

Two moons no longer exist in their current state or location.

Lex was another deep black moon, larger than all the others. It was given to Logos and destroyed by Vestec, and now exists as two rings which cross and glitter in many colours. A flourishing forest of Jvanic life has since grown in it, tinting it mauve, and her huge satellite observatory/factory Holy Site, Ovaedis, is part of it. The change-eaters live here.

Perfectus was a perfectly smooth moon, at least at first glance. It was given to Toun, sent hurtling towards Galbar by Vestec, and stored in the Gap by Vowzra, who later took it to Chronos. After its time in the Gap, many strange and dangerous artefacts had developed upon it, which Vowzra scattered throughout the universe. When Old Chronos was destroyed, Jvan sent it back to the Gap.

[much space debris/ring]

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