Eskandar was an Arconian human male who is considered to be the founding father of the Eskandars, an Arconian tribe of some significance and influence. He claimed to be a Prophet of the Moon-Mother (Elysium) and founded a religion based around worshipping her.

Eskandar was born by Caesarean delivery, resulting in the death of his mother. His survival was shocking to his community and he was looked upon with suspicion for the most part. Due to his father's protection, however, the community was forced to tolerate Eskandar's presence. He married Zekra at a young age, but his father died soon after and Eskandar, along with his now-pregnant wife, was forced out of the community. He travelled for some time until one day he came upon Elysium hunting with a bow. He was instantly taken in by the beauty of the 'goddess'. She gave him her bow, and from that moment he travelled around proclaiming himself the 'Chosen' of the Moon-Mother and teaching people how to use the bow.

Eventually, Eskandar settled down with his many wives and founded his own tribe and settlement. He ruled his many children with an autocratic firmness, demanding obedience always. When his children were grown they carried out various military and religious operations on his behalf, and both his religion and territories grew in influence and size.

Eskandar was eventually assassinated by Bet, a captured woman he had married.