Dream is one of the core concepts of the Universe . It was created by Ilunabar by using a piece of the Codex and of Life to craft the Dreamweaver . The goddess also created the plane Raka , home of dreams, and the holy sites Arpeggio and Pictaraika , which shepherd dreams.

The concept of dreams also includes nightmares. When reacting to Reality, Dream is condensed in a power called Glamour.


Dreams have existed ever since the Dreamweaver was crafted, after the birth of the universe, dreams became a possible force, like electricity or magic. Due to its connection to Slough , it was always deeply connected with the mortal mind. But it was only after the creation of a plane for dreams, Raka, that they turned into a naturally discernable occurrence to all sentient beings.

To dream doesn’t mean being teleported into Raka, the person’s mind connects to the plane, sometimes just as a spectator watching the dream unfold, other times with a temporary body, that might or might not be a copy of his own, that can actively change the dream.

With the creation of the Pictaraika, certain permanent and quasi-physical dreamscapes started to exist. The most important being shamanic dreams.

Injury or death in a dream means little, however, some mental trauma might happen. The mental disorder caused by dreams is called Ilunacy and happens when a person is so connected to Raka that she starts to lose the sense of what is real and what is not.


Glamour, at its core, is the power of Dream when reacting to reality. It is in the colors, in the mirrors, and on the flowers.

However, since the creation of the rift in reality at the core of the Pictaraika, Glamour has shown a more clear face: outwardly colors; bricks that always look like they are under the midday light, even when it is midnight; mirrored eyes; spiders with bejeweled webs; among all other sorts of weird yet mesmerizing changes.

This sort of high dream power, easily seen by its ability to defy Reality, was first observed in an experiment between Ilunabar and Belvast . It affected on a large scale the marshes of Phantalei , and more clear effects can be seen there.

Other deities and DreamEdit

The Raka is rarely visited or manipulated by other gods, as it means getting in the epicenter of Ilunabar's control, where illusions can fool even a god. 

One noticeable exception is Vowzra , who visited the Ilunabar while she was on that plane. Ever since dreams have shown the capability to alter time.

Gods and Demigods can dream, but those dreams are at the moment impossible to be spied upon. Amartia has shown the ability to create dreamscapes of his own.