Daegon is the apocryphal god of Deceit. Although summoned like the rest of the Gods before the beginning of the Universe, Daegon immediately faded into obscurity, remembered by no one and leaving no mark upon the Universe.

Except, once Julkolfyr created statues of all the Gods for some unknown purpose. After Julkolfyr's imprisonment, these statues crumbled, except for one, which depicted some figure unknown to anyone in the Pantheon. This statue was discovered by Teknall and Ilunabar.[1] It is uncertain whether Julkolfyr imagined this figure, or whether Julkofyr remembered some god everyone else had forgotten.

  1. - Post where, among other things, Ilunabar shows Teknall a picture of an unidentified statue amidst rubble, and Teknall identifies the rubble as statues of the gods made by Julkolfyr.