The fourth of Ilunabar's Divas, Chronicle's exact creation is unknown, she was created as a byproduct of the Dreamweaver reacting with the creation of Pictaraika. Her purpose is unclear, but she often focuses on leading others through shadowy means.

She has a connection with rhythm and related concepts such as clockwork and dance. No mortals know of her as she often acts indirectly or in disguise. She has no official position in any sectors of the Pictarika, but she seems to take home in the Orgel layer, another byproduct of the Dreamweaver.

Being young, she has little contribution to the outside world outside of being the true brain behind the many complex structures of the Pictariaka.

Supposedly mute, Chronicle has to talk by writing, yet she seems to communicate things which are not supposed to be understood, such as bugs and the babbling Em'Ef phantoms.

Mysterious and eccentric, this is probably the most lighthearted of the Divas, even if she keeps most things secret. She does not care about structure and convention, unlike Piena, yet she does work diligently, unlike Notte, and also seems to have greater objectives and acts beyond her whims, unlike Meimu.

【lirica】Thaleia -タレイア-【VAGRANCY】

【lirica】Thaleia -タレイア-【VAGRANCY】