The Celestial Citadel was a palatial castle of gleaming white stone that soars through the heavens above Galbar. It was built by the combined efforts of both Teknall and Zephyrion, and as a result both are empowered by its very existence.

The Celestial Citadel was made back in the earliest days of Galbar's history.[1] The spacious palace of open corridors and halls and towers sat atop a rocky foundation, which was in turn carried atop innumerable clouds. A great magical gem adorns the highest spire, and within that jewel is contained a magical power that allows the fortress to defy physics and remain in its precarious position. The Celestial Citadel is not in any fixed location, wandering the stratosphere of Galbar.

It was used extensively as Zephyrion's palace until his banishment. During that time, Ilunabar was a resident of the Celestial Citadel, and Lifprasil and the High Lifprasillians also lived in the Celestial Citadel until the construction of Alefpria. After Zephyrion's banishment, the Celestial Citadel was claimed by the wind djinn, chief among them Vizier Ventus, as their own palace.[2] The Winds of Change poured forth from the gemstone in its spire when it overflowed with Zephyrion's power.[3]

When Xos returned to Galbar, he went to the Celestial Citadel to fight Ventus. Although Ventus had nearly attained divinity and turned the Mechanism of Change into a weapon against Xos, Xos was readily able to turn the attack back on Ventus, killing the djinni and also severely damaging the Celestial Citadel in the process.[4] The Celestial Citadel was sundered, with the spire containing Zephyrion's power ascending higher and the lower half containing Teknall's power plummeting to the ground below. The lower half was later repaired by Teknall and renamed the Terrestrial Citadel.[5]

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